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C.I.D. team baffled after woman claims watching a 3D film made her pregnant

In an upcoming episode of the longest running crime (comedy?) show on Indian television, C.I.D., ACP Pradyuman and his team are pitted against a mindboggling case, in which a woman becomes pregnant after watching a 3D film. This episode, scheduled to be aired next week, is going to revolutionize the very basics of biology.

The story begins when the C.I.D. team comes across a victim of a murder attempt, a woman who has no idea who the father of her unborn child is. The omniscient ACP Pradyuman drops a bomb as he claims that the woman must be having amnesia (=loss of memory), something that clearly no one else could have figured out. The show then proceeds through a series of clues, a succession of broken doors, and many trivial characters making needless appearances. Finally the truth is revealed that the woman became pregnant after watching a 3D film. The woman’s claims baffle the team, especially Dr. Salunkhe, who is busy showing off his locks rather than working out the case.

As the preposterous idea comes out, the show has a special guest to resolve the issue, the one-and-only Ekta Kapoor. A member of the creative team said, “Who better than Ekta Kapoor, the self-proclaimed expert in such situations. She has a history of depicting cases where women can get pregnant by merely sleeping (only literally) with men! She can answer all the queries in philosophical terms. She will also have an explosive scene where she slaps the entire C.I.D. team one by one in slow motion, three times each.”

There is also a cliffhanger at the end, where it all finally comes together, when it is found that the woman’s ex-boyfriend was the one who set up the entire thing, just to get back at her. The ingenious guy’s plan to get his revenge was to knock her up (how original!) albeit in a fascinating new way.

There seems to be a unanimous backing for this episode. We caught up with a TV fanatic, who said, “C.I.D. began as a thriller. Didn’t work out, so they switched to comedy, where they had some of their best moments. Now, sci-fi? Sure, have a go. We have nothing better to do anyway.”

The idea has set the media rolling, with India TV proclaiming copyright infringement on Sony Entertainment. The producer of the channel spoke to us, “Kaise bani aurat movie dekhne se bachche ki maa? This is right up there with our other legendary headlines like Kya alien peete hain gai ka doodh? Ab udegi Ganga! They cannot just copy our inspired titles. Our writers spend a lot of time thinking of them, mental hospitals are very noisy you see.”

In related news, Baba Ramdev has condemned “the new radical modes of reproduction” and demanded that the natural order of kamasutra yoga be restored. His disciples were later seen sneaking into a theatre to steal 3D glasses for the legendary Baba. Meanwhile, the Government has moved in swiftly to distribute pamphlets to women, “Go to 3D movies at your own risk, until further research. The Government will not be held responsible lest you get knocked up, by an Emraan Hashmi movie.” Also, Poonam Pandey is now offering to strip in 3D!

PS: The author came across the news of woman getting pregnant by watching a 3D film somewhere on the internet. The story’s concept is loosely adapted from here.

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