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Student creates software that can imitate your handwriting and do assignments for you

Yet Another College of Engineering (YACE) has made it to the news once again. A student from the second year claims to have come up with a software, named AssKill, that records the handwriting style of a student in a .font file, which then serves as a font face for printing out assignment answers in the same manner as the student’s handwriting.

We spoke to the software developer Fobless Jellow to know more about it. “It’s basically a move to free students from writing pages and pages of assignments which don’t even get checked properly. These assignments don’t require any extensive research work. At the outset, a student has to look up for answers from a standard textbook and merely copy them down,” Jellow said when we asked him about the need for such a software.

He also mentioned that after the final grade is given, these assignments are just stacked in some obscure corner of the college, where they gather dust. “Moreover, some of my friends once went to a bhelpuri vendor nearby and they saw papers which looked like previously written assignments, being used to make paper cones! It’s really disturbing to see how our hard work gets reduced to a bhelpuriwala’s arsenal.”

Students say that professors do not check their assignments line by line and more often than not, blindly sign on the first page. “So the entire exercise just seems to be pointless,” said Jellow. “This revolutionary software could take a considerable load off students.”

How the software works: Fobless Jellow spoke at length about the handwriting–personality relationship. His software uses a unique algorithm, which uses the personality traits of a student to generate an estimated handwriting pattern. He mentioned a few more technical details and the computational complexities involved. All of which, obviously, went above our heads.

He then offered us a step-wise procedure to be followed. Here’s what the software manual looks like:

1. Install AssKill on your computer. Make sure the AssKill is set to your branch and year, while installing. This installs the database of all the standard textbooks used for that particular semester.

2. Start the application.

3. Answer some questions which help the software to detect your personality traits. The following are a few examples of the questions:

  • How long is your concentration span?
  • Lefty/Righty?
  • What kind of pen do you usually use?
  • Does your handwriting change over pages? If so, after how many pages does it become unreadable?
  • Do you generally answer in point-wise form or paragraphs?
  • How often do you scribble? Any favourite spelling errors?
  • Do you wish to include matter unrelated to the question to make the assignment look bigger?
  • Do you write the questions in the assignment?
  • Are you in the habit of using inks of different colours for writing questions and answers?

4. Once these questions are answered, the software then shows a sample display of the generated font. You can save this template as a .font file which can be used later on.

5. Now, you simply have to type in the questions of the assignment. Feed in assignment sheets in your printer, and hit Print!

6. Watch as the awesomeness of the software works its magic and voila! Your assignment is printed in minutes!

We hope, for the sake of the thousands of engineering students, that this software is made available to one and all.

Meanwhile, we have also learnt that Teachers’ Association of the same college has passed the idea of getting customised signature-stamps. This will allow them to stamp their signatures on the first pages of assignments without even having to exercise their wrist muscles for signing.

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