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Apple expands into Indian market with apps specially tailored to run the country

Q: What’s common among iCalci, iFlippi, iCensor, iWikied, iChild-Finder or iDalit-Finder?
A: All of these are soon-to-be-released Apple apps that are inspired by India and Indians.

Techno giant Apple Inc. is planning to expand its business territory beyond the United States of America. CEO Tim Cook announced the news at the keynote address last night, and also introduced the Apple for All initiative—with Rahul Gandhi as its ambassador in India. After putting its staff on extensive research, Apple decided to build special, India-specific apps (described below), all inspired by the people who run India, depending on their traits.

“We want our customers to feel special when they buy our products,” Cook said. “We want them to be different from others. Therefore, our strategist unit has come up with this brilliant idea of expanding. We want to reach countries where people admire the beauty of our products. So, hereby we announce to start our Apple for All initiative from India—the country where Steve Jobs found himself.” As a friendly gesture, Apple is rolling out these apps for free for the first 10,000 downloads. Later, each of these apps would cost $8.99 per download.

Without compromising on its own standards, Apple has built these apps to perform solely on Retina Display; therefore the user must buy an iPad Sports or an iTouch or an iPhone 4S or the latest iPhone 5 along with the app to enjoy it to its full extent.

According to sources, these apps are very user-oriented and they keep the Indian scenario in mind, and some are specially targetted at a single person. Some of them are (note that the i‘s in the names signify India)—

iCalci: A sophisticated calculator that can multiply, divide and add any quantity. The key feature of this app is that there is no subtraction option on its interface, hence giving the user large buttons and ruling out the possibility of entering wrong digits.

Beneficiaries – A. Raja, Suresh Kalmadi, Sonia Gandhi, etc.

iFlippi: iFlippi is specially made to predict post-rollback effects. The user has to input the scenario and roll back whatever he wants. After calculating the potential possibilities, it displays the rolled back result, hence empowering the beneficiary.

Beneficiary – Mamata Banerjee

iCens*r – Can’t delete Facebook from your phone? iCens*r will help you. This app has been developed to censor all the irrelevant and nation-threatening information and media in one go. Tap on the content and put it away from the entire nation. One-click block.

Beneficiary – Kapil Sibal

iChild-Counter: Indian tradition is based upon the firm belief that God sends the child—the Indian equivalent of the stork. Based upon this, Apple has developed a revolutionary app that stores information of your child from his first word to his fingerprints to his blood type. Everything can be stored in it because, after all, a father cannot remember every child’s name and every minute detail of his.

Beneficiaries – Lalu Prasad Yadav, Rabri Devi, N. D. Tiwari and many more…

iWikied: In collaboration with Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks, this app can ransack anyone’s finance deals, bank accounts and property purchases. It will empower the activists to scout fraud. Considering the political ground India is in now, this app may well go on to become the quintessential sach ka maseeha.

Beneficiaries – BJP (to use it on the Congress); Congress (to use it on the BJP); Arvind Kejriwal, Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev (to use it on everyone)

However, the most talked-about app Tim Cook is planning to roll out is iDalit finder.

iDalit-finder: One of the most unique apps Apple has developed in years. Df uses the user’s whereabouts and searches for the nearest Dalit place to eat. If the Dalit user has an iPhone, this app even takes the liberty to inform the family about the user’s arrival.

Beneficiary – Rahul Gandhi

With these new rollouts up its sleeve, Apple comes to India to loot give what people have been asking for years.

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