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Rohit Sharma does a Kejriwal, alleges Virat Kohli’s runs grew tremendously during last 3 years

Following the footsteps of anti-corruption activist Arvind Kejriwal, Rohit Sharma today claimed that Virat Kohli’s runs grew tremendously in the past three years. Speaking to the media, the right-handed batsman angrily lashed at the BCCI for having kept Kohli as a “prince” all these years, without noticing the discrepancies occurring around him. Kohli is currently ranked as one of the top ODI batsmen in the world.

Sharma said that both he and Kohli have played almost equal number of matches in the past three years, yet Kohli’s run kitty continues to grow by the hour while he himself is still stuck at the same position. “Why is no one looking into what can be a scam?” he said with his anger obviously directed at the BCCI. “I have hidden talents that now even I am unable to find and put to practice on the field. But see Kohli, he has become the Prince Charming, the Adam’s Apple of their eyes. This is simply too much!”

“It’s a sham,” Sharma howled. He claimed that he has been performing to the best of his talents in these last couple of years and is a more talented batsman than 23-year-old Kohli, yet there’s such a vast gap between their runs. He alleged that the BCCI is behind this latest episode of “cricket fixing”. Sharma is of the opinion that the entire game has been rigged to ensure Virat Kohli’s success, consequently to his own failure. The realization dawned on him when he made a fighting 25 in 27 balls for India against a tough South African attack, while mediocre Kohli made only 2. There is general resentment against what he definitely feels was an excellent knock.

Kohli couldn’t be contacted for comment, but it is believed he will continue to cheat his way into the record books in the same vein as before. Sharma, and his supporters, have meanwhile sought a CBI inquiry into what is turning out to be one of the biggest scams in recent Indian history. While India TV has offered Sharma a role of news presenter as he succeeded in matching the television network’s vision, noted dancer Vinod Kambli has also given his backing to him. He claimed that the same was the case with him and the exceptionally untalented Sachin Tendulkar.

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