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Bihari boy surrenders himself after he “thought of” a status update disrespectful of a Marathi leader

A 20-year-old boy who hails from Patna surrendered himself and his Facebook password before a civil court in Mumbai, and sought anticipatory bail, to avoid arrest in connection of a status he had thought of posting on Facebook earlier today. In his statement to the police, the Mumbai resident said that he had thought something “very disrespectful” to a late Marathi leader (he refused to take any names). When he heard about the girl who was arrested today for posting an offensive status, he decided he must apply for interim bail. However, his decision to surrender was influenced more by the arrest of a second girl for merely “liking” the status posted by the first girl.

The B.Sc. student lives in Ghatkopar area of the city and being a law-abiding citizen, took special precautions “not to think of anything” against the great leader who he refuses to name. “I tried hard not to think of anything wrong. But you see, I cannot control my thoughts. I know I have committed a mistake and that is why I am here to surrender before the law gets me.” He has also told the police that he owns and runs a Facebook page called “Bihari Rocks Rest Shocks” and is willing to delete the page without any conditions.

Trade unions from the area have criticized the unidentified guy, and have demanded an immediate bandh in Mumbai to protest against his destructive thoughts. One of them was overheard saying, “Thoughts are the root of all evil. We are forcibly closing all the shops, eateries and all such other places. Total Bandh! Total Hartaal!” All of them echoed the last words in unison. They will also pay a visit to the boy’s house to throw stones, as their religion is “all about losing temper and being destructive,” as one of them said. (We tried, unsuccessfully, to find out which interesting religion they follow.)

When contacted, a police official said, “We policemen should not forget our position; we are supposed to be loyal to the politicians, how can one dare utter atrocities and blasphemies towards the elected and the chosen ones. To tell you an analogy, yesterday itself, I came home from work and I saw my dog sniffing around. From the expressions itself I could tell the bastard had something mischievous and devious going on inside his head. I took him in the backyard and shot the devil right in the skull. The boy in this case should also be dealt with strongly.”

An IT law expert said that the law clearly states that the girl and now this boy are very much offenders. “Why could they not have protested using one of the better ways such as burning a bus, closing down the shops, hospitalizing a few hundred Bihari people! Why could they not do so; who stopped them? Nobody knows what this new Facebook thing is and what all bad and ominous repercussions such a status might cause, we were just playing safe,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Section 66A of IPC has been sent for review to further strengthen its jaws and paws around such offenders, who hurt the religious sentiments of people by posting against their reverend leaders.

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  • There is no limit down to which the system runners in our country would stop acting foolish. They will continue to commit such unremarkable insanities, no matter what.
    I liked the way the authors have killed two birds with one stone. The sleek take on extremely disgusting Bihari-Marathi division that was propagated by “The-one-who-must-not-be-named” and secondly, the smooth cut on this stupid act of arresting people for naming “The-one-who-must-not-be-named”. Good one.

    Two both the authors: Well thought, well written.
    Safe luck guys! 🙂

  • well articulated……some drastic changes are imperative,the act of foolishness that’s been running in this country for quite a while is downright pathetic :/

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