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MBA aspirant gets irritated by MBA friends who spam him with requests to fill up their surveys

Leaves software job, now plans to take supari of all such MBA students from their equally irritated friends

Amol, a software engineer, an MBA aspirant, and a social media enthusiast is now none of these three. He blamed the so-called current crop of MBA students for ruining all this. He vented out his anger by expressing that passing the office hours by having some good old-fashioned fun on Facebook was no longer an option, as most of the posts on Facebook are either funny photos made dull after recycling by various pages, or worse, the requests for filling up hour-long “short” surveys by your MBA-pursuing friends.

“Also, as if posting on their own profile was not enough, these people are now spamming every group they have access to and even taking recourse to posting personalized messages on your timelines,” says Amol. With ever changing rules of Facebook, you can never be sure when it might start telling these people things like “who has seen these surveys and not clicked” or “who has clicked these surveys and not filled” or “who has started at what survey for how long and with what emotion”. It’s better to stay away from all this than lose your friends over such trivialities, which by the way they themselves are leaving no stone unturned to work towards.

Amol along with another friend Rishabh, further indicated the intentions of quitting the software job to start taking Supari of such people from their disgruntled and hapless friends.

Yet another spam survey by an MBA student

Vivek, an MBA student, when asked the reasons for conducting such surveys on Facebook told us, “These days you have such a large number of friends on Facebook that these make the true representative sample for any product’s potential market, and more times than not, by the mere virtue of possessing the right purchasing power and a life, these people are the actual buyers, so their views actually matter….. Bazinga!

Udit, another MBA student, says, “I actually had to present such a study for a course, so rather than tormenting my Facebook friends, most of which are girls, I just made up the data; equally effective and no one could tell the difference.” This made us wonder why don’t they all do just that and carry on with the “real things”, such as “The PowerPoint Practice”.

Aman, yet another MBA student we talked to, stated, “At some point of the time, somebody started it, maybe when people were new to the social media, in the good old days of Orkut, and since then everyone has been carrying on with it. Nobody, including professors have a scintilla of idea what actual purpose these surveys serve. It’s as if we all know this but we have all reached a tacit understanding of carrying on with this make-believe concept.”

Upon being asked if they want some good data, why don’t they just go around and do some field research, Udit retorted, “Are you kidding me? If we wanted to do some real work, we wouldn’t have opted for MBA in the first place!”

Now please excuse me while I go fill up a plethora of these surveys and Kejriwal might frown at it, but as a quid pro quo, don’t forget to fill in when I create one.

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