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Delhi police solves all rape cases in one go, will book victims for their own rapes

During the ongoing investigation of the December 16 gangrape, the Delhi Police has made a major finding. It claims to have solved all pending rape cases in the city, in one go. In this particular case too, the victim herself has been blamed for the crime, following consultation with experts on Indian culture and traditions. The police will prepare a chargesheet against the deceased criminal-cum-victim very soon. Similar charges will be faced by victims in all other rape cases.

The police proudly announced that they were very sure since the beginning, that the “victim” had a clear hand in her rape. As the investigation went on, they got hold of many proofs to support their claim. The NTMN team was able to get a brief idea of the expected chargesheet which will be submitted to the court in connection with the gangrape. Following points were noteworthy:

1. Being born a girl | After rampant female infanticide, the victim still chose to be born as a girl in this great country, which is extremely criminal of her. As police, it is our duty to enforce the “unsaid Indian laws” which prohibit female births on Indian soil. The Khap Panchayats will also be consulted for better enforcement of the laws.

rape2. Excessive ambition (amounting to crime in society and defamation of police) | How did she dare to study? And more than that, how dare she think of becoming a doctor? The ideal thing to do would have been to get married at 16 and be done away with her meaningless existence. The rape could have been prevented, and hence the victim should be tried for being ambitious despite being a woman.

3. What the hell was she doing in Delhi? Doesn’t she know Delhi is the rape capital of India, where not even the mother and sister of the rapists are safe, and is a place where probably Sheila Dikshit and Sonia Gandhi are the only safe women.

4. How dare she go out with her friend at the notorious hour of 9pm? Living in a society which is still confused over “male friend” and “boyfriend”, why did she take such a chance?

5. If all the above violations were not enough, she was coming out of a movie. Yes you heard me right, a Bollywood movie, which is the cause of the increased libido and aggression among Indian men.

6. Then these foolish kids decided to board a bus, yes a bus which used to ferry small kids in daytime. Imagine such atrocity on their part. Actually they asked for it, and hence should be tried in a criminal court.

7. Instigating violence | Fresh charges may be slapped on the victim, because she instigated violence at India Gate, disrupting public life and the peace of mind of the police.

8. Testing the patience of cultured men of India | Western attire such as jeans and skirts that is worn by these victims attracts the moral men who can’t tolerate such an attack on their culture. Like true national heroes, they have no option but to teach these ladies a lesson. These cultured men must be protected from the clutches of law as they are being made the scapegoat.

9. Abetting murder of Indian traditions | Because of this case, women have become so demanding in the past week, that they want to report even catcalls, eve-teasing, domestic violence and such minor incidents. Girls going to police stations is against the culture and tradition of India, and so the victim must be tried for abetting murder of Indian traditions.

The police representative concluded: “So, the victim’s fault was that she decided to be part of the trend, the ‘in’-thing in a country where rape happens every 2 minutes. Time and again, we have told that these are all consensual sex gone wrong but nobody seems to listen to the police anymore.”

With justice seemingly coming quick in this case, there is now pressure on India’s moral police to follow Delhi police, and reopen all the pending rape cases all over India, and file charges against the victim. The police team advocates speedy trial in this case and that the victim be given the strictest punishment to deter such behaviour among women in future to show them their right place in the society. This move will make Delhi “rape-free”.

The author has no intention to be insensitive towards the gangrape victim who succumbed to the fatal injuries yesterday, leaving us pondering over the society and the police’s apathy towards the womankind.

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