Rahul Gandhi’s Gujarat speech: what he said, what he actually meant

Ref: Rahul Gandhi’s speech during election campaigning in Gujarat, Dec 11, 2012

What he said: “On my way here, I wondered what Gujarat had given me.”
What he meant: “And that’s the only thought I had in last 3 years, how cool is that!”

What he said: “Many people think Gandhiji’s thoughts are outdated. But if I have any ‘guru’ in politics, then he is Gandhiji.”
What he meant: “I tried to read books to look for other gurus, but I couldn’t read and understand much!”

What he said: “I have been in politics for eight years and we sometimes have to take tough decisions on what to do.”
What he meant: “Like yesterday itself, I had to decide between Amul milk and Mother Dairy. It drained the brains out of me.”

What he said: “Gandhiji had said we should listen to the opinions of all people.”
What he meant: “Yes, either listen to all people, or not listen at all!

What he said: “Democracy is your contribution to the country.”
What he meant: “I wonder what’s mine!”

What he said: “Look at the UPA government and its programmes, and tell me of one which has taken away the voice of the people.”
What he meant: “No no, I am not talking of the money of the people, just the voice… and I am not talking to you Manmohan!”

What he said: “All of you are the strength of this nation and state.”
What he meant: “And my Swiss bank account is mine. I don’t like a bit that you haven’t been working hard lately to pay more taxes.”

What he said: “A great leader listens to the voice of the people, the downtrodden and the ignored.”
What he meant: “Like mommy sometimes listens to the voice of Manmohan Singh.”

What he said: “The Gujarat Assembly works for how many days?” (silence from crowds) “25 days is all it functions for in a year.”
What he meant: “Unlike the Parliament which functions for 365 days a year, and sometimes 370 if I also attend some sittings. Did you know?”

What he said: “When Assembly functions in Gujarat, the Opposition is thrown out to prevent them from raising any uncomfortable questions.”
What he meant: “We on the other hand just threaten them with CBI and make them walk out, good for health as well.”

What he said: “There is strength in the voice of the people of Gujarat and it is being suppressed.”
What he meant: “We would never suppress anyone’s voice, even if it’s Prime Minister, let alone the aam aadmi.”

What he said: “Gujarat is not run by one person but by the people.”
What he meant: “It’s a HUGE state, not some small country like India that can be run by just one person sitting in 10 Janpath!”

What he said: “When I think of politics, I think of Gandhiji. Even Nelson Mandela says he drew strength from Gandhiji!”
What he meant: “Oh, whose name has my speech-writer written! 😮 Who the hell is this Nelson Mandela and why does he draw things from Gandhiji? Isn’t the name Gandhi a property of mine and mommy’s?”

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