Man tries to verify Katju’s figure of “90% fools”; discovers sanity is in fact “undefined” in India

A man who tried to verify the figure given by Justice Markandey Katju (that 90% Indians are fools) has made a startling discovery. “When I started my research, I was unable to proceed much, because it turns out sanity is just undefined in India!” the 26-year-old said. When asked how he concluded this, he gave us some photographs (see below), and said that to begin calculating the exact figure, he needed to define foolishness. “But, what I called idiotic, was sane for a vast majority of people.” Here you go:

(clockwise from top) “Shiv Sainiks tore apart My Name Is Khan posters and blackened Shah Rukh Khan’s face. They attacked a media house and behaved like hooligans and later justified it. They burnt a bus out of protest. I considered these activities as idiotic, but I found people who have great respect for this group of hooligans. Hence, we cannot come to a unanimous definition of sanity/idiocy.”

“Indian sadhu from Varanasi justifies on the show Satyameva Jayate the caste system of India. I considered it idiotic, but I find people who will swear by this Sadhu’s name.”

“Many people make a living out of the gullibility of the Indians. If 90% are the fools, the rest 10% are comprised by these people. I found people would believe in three horoscopes even if the three said contradicting things.”

“Some of the most respected people in India are violent, vulgar and fake. (a scene from Oh My God!). Hence, we cannot come to a unanimous definition of sanity/idiocy. Q.E.D.”

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  • couldn’t agree more! how to define insanity and foolishness and who will define it. Mr. Katju said 90% people are foolish, Who are rest 10%- judiciary, police, politicians who create this insanity, bureaucrats or plain indifferent lot who are not bothered what’s happening around.

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