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Apple releases iPhone 27S; 27-inch screen makes it “best (?) smartphone ever”

This is the year 2030, and Apple has released iPhone 27S today. Our product review...

Today, Apple launched iPhone 27S, the upgraded version of the popular iPhone 27. No new features and a large 27-inch screen has made it the best smartphone ever. The screen is so big that Levi’s has tied up with Apple after it decided to sew a special pocket in its jeans to keep your iPhone safe. Meanwhile, handling this corpulent phone is still an issue which is yet to be resolved. The features in this phone are the same as they were in iPhone 26, which apparently were the same as in iPhone 23, and so on, going back till iPhone 6. The only upgraded feature apart from its screen is Siri (she can now pay you a personal visit to your home just to explain the features, for only a few bucks for this). Apple engineers also added that there will be a new update called iThink, where you will just think of any pic and it will automatically get uploaded on Facebook. I am not installing it for sure.

The price has not been revealed yet, but we are estimating it to be around Rs 1.9 lakh. Not that expensive. Oh wait, what were you expecting? Rs 15,000? Get a life. It’s iPhone. It is known for its price. People even buy it for its price. You know the nice way to find out if a person is having an iPhone or not? Ask-Ask? Yes. They tell you themselves. So with the price not being an issue and no new applications, a bigger, a lot bigger screen, makes it a perfect buy for the rich class snobs. Plus you can see the rank of Liverpool without scrolling down to 15th position, making it a happy-happy moment for Liverpool fans. The phone will be available for sale from next week and will be launched in India in some years.

Just getting bigger and bigger!

Just getting bigger and bigger!

Apple has also mentioned that Samsung has already copied the design. Samsung, which is still paying the fine for copying the iPhone 6 model, made it clear that they have not copied any design; they revealed that the next model in the Galaxy series will be S27. It will have the Android version 21, named Singapuri Chowmein. Haryanvi khaps have already killed a guy as he brought dishonour by pre-ordering the S27 filed a petition against the name of this Android model. They are afraid that the phone might automatically download porn videos owing to its chowmein content.

When asked about this iPhone, a geek studying in MIT said, “This is a better version than the previous one, except for the screen size, but due to the recent announcement by Levi’s, I am looking forward to buying this phone. Also I can put my accessories, bats, balls, books, girlfriends in that new pocket even if I don’t buy the phone.” So Kudos to Apple and Levi’s for such an idea.

The Apple CEO, looked hapless when I asked him about the downfall of the Apple Inc. He said, “We are trying our best to make new software to regain our customers and I am hopeful that this phone will be the dream buy.” When asked about the new features, he hopelessly ignored the question and went on saying: “The apps are too good to be true nowadays. So we are just focussing on our screen inches. You know more the inches, more is the pleasure. Plus Temple Run 21 will be in the market shortly. This game will beat all its previous versions. You can run and run and run even if the temple comes. No worries, just run.”

“And run out of battery,” I added. Seems like the application was inspired by the famous movie Forrest Gump.

With all these additions in this new iPhone, it seems iPhone 27S will be giving tough competition to… umm… the iPhones. Well, let’s hope that some new “good” features will be added in the next iPhone… and did I miss something? Oh of course, a bigger screen.

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