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Judiciary: no justice; Government: no governance; Media: no news…

What has our so-called civilized society really come to? Crime against women is all that seems to be rising; or if anything else, it’s perhaps the number of bails granted to the alleged accused under the weight of hefty amounts. Getting to read the headline “Rapist Gets Convicted!” is equivalent to a death sentence for the petrified victim, while the Opposition takes less than quarter of the same duration to accuse and criticize the Government, instead of implementing solutions!

It is rather agonizing to hear Sheila Dikshit say that law and order is not in her hands, she being the Chief Minister of our country’s capital. As if it were not enough, the Opposition chief commented that if the woman chief minister had any sense of morality, she would resign. Could there be a more subtle way of spitting on the elusive women empowerment.

I have to ask this: apart from having prepared long speeches against the “functioning” Government, what measures has the Opposition taken to eradicate such evils against women? There is an undeniable lapse in the “prevention of crimes”—“crimes” here refer not only to the “illegal” activities, but also the “legal felonies” which allow convicts to walk scot free—the judgements!!

Respect Women - Delhi Gangrape ProtestsOur educated society holds such hollow innuendos in these precise issues that it might only be a harbinger for something worse to behold. Why do we have to give it such extravagant importance? What is it about chastity that appeals so much? Is it something really that frail and tangible that one lewd rapist can snatch away?

No, it is not. The orthodox society pledges to modernization, but advancements in what exactly? The changes are much needed in our thought process rather than the formatting and aesthetics. The way we look upon certain aspects of societal flaw, with derogatory expressions pinned to our faces, has to change. We give more weight to what has been done, rather than to what can be done to rectify. There has been an unconscious (so I am hoping) link between women and chastity; why not men? If getting raped is a woman’s loss of her morality, shouldn’t that mean the loss of chastity for the man too? The unsaid expressions and norms of society have made (and are making) women weak, instead of strengthening her position—which is unfortunately ironic to the present day clarion call of women empowerment.

The recent incident in Delhi has been a centre for media circus. But would there be these heated discussions, or even a wandering thought if there wasn’t such limelight on the issue? A big hype was made out of the appalling incident taking place in New Delhi; not that it was unwarranted, but what about the other parts of the country? Are we waiting for them to breach the record of new lows, for action to be taken? Media might be of help in less ways than it could be harming—opening new tactics of getting away and putting ideas of experiment in young adolescents and fear in others.

A thought sprouts—why is it that women are supposed to be “decently dressed” to spare the capricious eyes? Why do men not fear the fact that they must keep their eyes to themselves which might make their tongue, hands and much more than just character to slip? What could be this elusive reason that fear is ingrained only in the fairer sex and not in the muscular?

The notions attached to the fairer sex, that have been nurtured over the generations, have to change if we are serious about dealing with rancorous rapists, slacking government and loop-holed Constitution.

(NTMN’s coverage: Delhi Gangrape: News and Views)

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