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When Honey Singh got angry and blamed the society itself…

The Indian society equates women to “devi” (goddesses) and chants Mata songs while listening to item numbers with equal attention and reverence. We as a society use cuss words citing women, enjoy “B”- and “C”-grade movies more than we enjoy scriptless “A”-grade movies. We elect rapists and noted criminals and famous goondas as representatives.

Men cuss in front of children, women and elders. The “honoured among men”—the politicians—cuss on television on record. Take for instance the politician who asked for “the rate” of Mamata Banerjee. Yet, we blame the lyrics of Honey Singh and songs of Bollywood.

After the recent online petition against Honey Singh over obscenity and “women-degrading” lyrics in his songs, the singer himself has come out angrily, blaming the “society” for his songs. He says, “Till now, all my lyrics have been inspired by the society itself. As a kid, that’s what I heard in my house, houses of friends, relatives, in school, and outside school.”

He explains further: “That is how the public in India talk, every sentence is adorned with cuss words for women. But when I used them in the song, they say it’s obscene. They are blaming me for inciting rapes. Previously they were blaming the rape victims for it. How about somebody blames the rapists or the slack laws for a change? It was the people of this society who appreciated me earlier and made me so famous.”

He went on to make a startling revelation, “I actually tone down my lyrics for the public.”

Honey SinghBollywood, also under fire for its sleazy item numbers and explicit depiction of women as objects of lust, joined hands with Honey Singh and said “jo chalta hai wahi bikta hai”. Honey Singh’s supporters include MTV (which has a solid reputation of using cuss words without beeps), and Bollywood actresses and item girls (who, if not for these item numbers and body exposure, wouldn’t have much chance against hero-oriented and “script challenged”movies which are so wildly popular that every movie sets records as the highest engrosser).

Honey Singh, obviously pleased with the support and the publicity, rapped for us:

“Pehle patthar wahi maare
jisne koi paap na kia ho,
Yo Yo Honey Singh – 2 times
If I’m going down
You are coming with me!
YO YO Honey Singh – 4 times”

Author’s View: We as a society which objects to vulgarity and anti-women depiction in cinema and music are also the ones who enjoy and dance to the songs in question. We cannot have one foot in two boats. We need to keep questioning our own views and actions continuously and try to bring change from within us which will ultimately reflect outside.

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