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“All women who hold valid Aadhaar cards can buy subsidized overcoats to cover themselves”

Govt's remedy to end crimes against women turns out to be worse than the malady

Amidst the screeching “Save India” campaigns carried out by media channels, silent protests led by hypocrites, and divine statements doled out by cherished god-men, the Government of India has finally risen up to the problem at hand. In a series of changes, the “display” of skin in public has been prohibited, and all females who hold valid Aadhaar cards can now purchase subsidized overcoats to cover themselves. This will save them from the prying gazes of lecherous men. For enhanced online security, females may get their Facebook and Twitter accounts registered with the government portal which will hopefully be operational without any technical snag in a few years from now. In order to uphold the human rights of the perpetrators of crime, and to give them equal access to justice, the Centre has also set up fast-track courts where petitioners can get their grievances redressed in a short time span of 5 to 8 years by mediating with the culprit instead of fighting for justice for decades.

politicianIt is reported that Delhi’s Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit herself took an expedition to the most deserted, dangerous and circuitous routes of the Capital. She rubbished the need for the Centre’s reforms, as she has been doing regularly of late. She claims to have, in fact, relished her experience as an aam aurat among the aam aadmis. Expressing her immense satisfaction at the level of security in the city, she has urged the entire female community to get their complaints registered, if any, on the new non-operational helpline number. For a better and safer travel experience, she has urged women to access the cluster bus service that she has launched recently. She has also assured a swift action by the Police but prior to that, the victim’s credentials must be verified and she must have cleared the Character Test (CT).


Betting whether Indra, the Rain God will unleash his wrath during monsoon has always been a game of permutations and combinations, but the probability of “divine” words being showered by self-styled moral “guardians” of our society is always, well, ONE. Crimes against women being reported every other hour are instigating these wise netas and god-men to flock media studios to get their enlightening views aired. They feel it is their moral duty to share their regressive mindset in order to inspire the masses to emulate their misdeeds.

CrimeWhile Libya and Egypt were busy voting out their dictators, somewhere in the largest democracy of the world, a voter cast his vote for someone who finds rape of the fairer sex understandable. The honourable politician vehemently proclaims that females should confine themselves to the insides in order to protect the repository of family honour from being plundered, but he got the voter’s vote as their castes matched. Another septuagenarian politician begged for votes in his constituency on the pretext that he was blessed with three daughters and so understands their problems. He fervently believes that his comment regarding his old wife losing her charm was fully justified, and plans to marry off his daughters early to save them from the atrocities of modern day society.

Only time shall tell if the “remedial” steps taken by the government in response to the increasing incidents of crime against women ensure safety of women.

This post has been written by Shreyans Jain, and has been edited by Karthik Ganesh. Shreyans and Karthik are currently interning with NTMN under its Youth Internship-cum-Training Program.

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