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The heart-touching Facebook story

The bestest story I’ve ever read… So good that I’ll share it over and over again to achieve more shares and likes than the sponsored page of Daaku Chowdhary of “Discover the Diamond in you, sell it and give all the money to me” fame.

It is about an 87-year-old lady whose name is Rose. Well, something else actually, but Rose will actually make a few girls go “awww” and will get me more likes.

So out of the blue on the first day of college, my professor asked us to meet a new student who we didn’t already know. Rose tapped my shoulder just then. How thankful I was to God that the professor didn’t ask me to find a girlfriend!! Rose hugged me, became my friend, and gradually became a sensation in the college. Mostly because of her age. But partly also because her memory at 87 wasn’t good and her grades really sucked.

On being asked why she was there, she first said, “I’m here to meet a rich husband, get married, and have a couple of kids.” Then she said something about fulfilling her dream, but since I can’t find a good motivational line on the internet to make it sound more dramatic, let us assume that she was there to try her luck for marriage only, as marriagefinally.com couldn’t help her much at this age.

She delivered a speech at the college annual day… A memorable line was, “We do not stop playing because we are old; we grow old because we stop playing.” Please, I swear I am not cooking up the whole story to just mention this heard-a-million-times-before line as the moral of the story. Nor am I in a hangover after watching English Vinglish 8 times.

She died peacefully EXACTLY after one week of college. (I haven’t seen Rock On!! and I don’t know anything about Rob dying after his last performance, I swear, err, again).

So… She taught us a lot about never growing old, always going for your dreams, and other such stuff straight out of the “self-motivation
quotes—app for Android”.

Now business time…
1 like = you love your mother.
1 comment = you believe in God.
1 share = Jai Mata Di fwd msg is also covered alongside.

Ignore it = you are atheist, your mother may die, your wife/girlfriend will cheat on you with your tailor, and Sachin will retire from Test team also.

Some day, Facebook will pay as per number of likes… And I shall be rich, courtesy this dumb-emotional-attyachaar-of-a-story. Otherwise, there is no purpose to either my existence or this story’s.

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