Piyush Chawla’s father slams MS Dhoni for not including him in the World Cup squad

India started their World Cup tour on a positive note by defeating Pakistan in their first match of the tournament. However, bad luck seems to be following them like David Moyes’s ghost follows Manchester United’s performances.

Captain Cool on the hot seat

After India won their first match, discarded Indian leg-spinner Piyush Chawla’s father lashed out at Captain MS Dhoni, accusing “Captain Cool” of being responsible for his son’s cold and indifferent world cup career. “सब उनको कैप्टन कूल कहत रहै। ससूरा कैसा पाल्टिकस किया की हमाय लड़के को कभी खेलने का मौका ही नहीं मिला” he was quoted as saying. He argued that his son was in his heart playing for the nation even when he was performing miserably in the domestic circuit.

Piyush himself remained unavailable for comment.

Piyush himself remained unavailable for comment.

Piyush Chawla – India’s world cup lucky charm?

“Piyush has brought luck to the Indian side the same way the bracelet does to Salman Khan. His mere presence increases India’s chances of winning a World Cup by 67 percent, since out of the three World Cups India has won, Piyush was a member of squad of two,” he was quoted as saying. He even showed the reporters the scorecards of the 2011 Cricket World Cup and the 2007 T20 World Cup to prove that Piyush Chawla was indeed a part of the World Cup winning squads.

Joginder Sharma > Sakshi

Getting inspired by Piyush Chawla’s father, Joginder Sharma’s father also organized a hasty press-conference and claimed that there wasn’t a woman behind Dhoni’s success, but his own son. “Sakshi wishes she could be Joginder. My son made Dhoni an overnight success at the T20 World Cup of 2007. I ask the selectors this. Why wasn’t my son called up for the World Cup 2015 squad? Does his contribution in the 2007 World Cup count for nothing in 2015? Why does M.S.Dhoni have a vendetta against my son who has but only praised Dhoni time and again?” He even went on to say that his son’s non-inclusion is a part of grand conspiracy to keep talented small town boys out of news.

New IPL format on the cards?

Meanwhile, in unrelated news, Lalit Modi has come up with a new version of the IPL for the fathers of cricketers, where they will put on cricketing gear and go one on one in the middle of the pitch, WWE style in a no-holds barred version of the gentleman’s game. He came up with the revolutionary idea after MS Dhoni’s father challenged Yuvraj Singh’s father to fight it out like men, earlier in the day. The announcement, like always, had to be made through Twitter.

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