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Ashok Khemka to transfer himself after six months; says not used to working for more than that

"Always wanted to be a traveller, I.A.S career decision was the right choice."

Ashok Khemka, the honest IAS officer got into the news again and surprisingly this time, it wasn’t the government’s fault. After getting transferred to tourism, Mr. Khemka declared that he will transfer himself to another ministry after a long and productive period of six months.

Explaining the logic behind his decision he said, “I am not used to working under secure and peaceful conditions for a long period of time. I need to pack my shit before I start loving this place. It won’t be easier for me if the government transfers me to some Harappan-Mohenjodaro old age home after I finally start enjoying it here.”

Ashok Khemka, who has been passed around more than Jennifer Aniston, was reportedly fed up with all the transfers and is choosing to do the deed himself to display his indifference to the government.

"I am really fed up with all the shit government keeps pulling."

“I am fed up with all this shit the government keeps pulling.”

Government incapable of detecting sarcasm

Like most Indians, the government also seems incapable of noticing irony and sarcasm, and welcomed his decision happily. A senior leader said, “he can do whatever he wants to – we are no one to interfere.”

Earlier, the same senior leader had inquired Khemka’s family about his future plans. He also had records of his eating, drinking, walking, sleeping habits and knew exactly when he takes a shit.

On being confronted about this, the senior leader said that, this wasn’t interfering. “This is snooping, which is a completely different thing,” the senior leader explained his incorrect logic.

Khemka, in order to avoid the fate of late I.A.S officer D.K. Ravi , is considering a job offer from Robert Vadra’s company. Reportedly, Khemka immediately got the offer after being removed as Haryana Transport Commissioner. Sources say that Mr. Vadra requires his expertise to scrutinize all the future land deals to avoid getting in another mess due to some chipku officers like him.

Vadra, when asked about the illegal land possession, replied, “यह मेरी बहन का लैंड है .” Some associates at NTMN believe that the statement was a pun directed towards Mr. Khemka.

(With inputs from Adarsh Ladda)


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