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Elitist in love with Bollywood after watching Furious 7

Changing his opinion quickly, a 23 year old self proclaimed Hollywood aficionado is apparently now in love with Bollywood after watching the much hyped Furious 7.

Always known for subjecting his friends to his pseudo intellectual snobbery, Mahesh is now all for movies with unintelligent plot lines, physics defying action scenes and aesthetically appealing actors who look nothing like common folk.

This change dramatically took place after watching the movie Furious 7, whose action scenes could put any South Indian movie to shame.

All the action scenes depicted in the movie are possible...in a parallel universe.

All the action scenes depicted in the movie are possible…in a parallel universe.

“It was an absolute cinematic experience,” said Mahesh.
“I now realize Rohit Shetty sir, god bless him, was trying to bring this treat to the Indian cinema,” he said commenting on the huge feats of physical impossibilities performed in the movie.

Reportedly Mahesh used to detest Bollywood for its “leave brains at home” movies. His friend, Mansi shed some light on how Mahesh turned into completely different person with completely new found wrong opinions.

A few months back, after watching Birdman, Mahesh vowed never to see a bolly flick again. “Western movies have always influenced his personality,” Mansi said. “After watching Birdman Mahesh turned into a pretentious prick, he publicly belittled his best friend for watching Bodyguard reruns on the television. ”

“He used to call Bollywood ‘literally Hitler’,” Mansi added.

On being confronted about this U-turn in less than 6 months, Mahesh was quick to take offense.

“Look man, I have grown, we have all grown.”

“Furious 7 has left a deep mark on me, I want to watch movies with skimpily clad women who only function as eye candies, I want to watch movies like Bol Bachchan which reinforces gay stereotypes, I want to watch movies which do not require any brain work, we do that enough in life, and most importantly, I just want to watch some cars getting blown up.”

On being questioned why would anyone want to subject their to eyes to such nonsensical movies, Mahesh just said two words, “My choice.”

At last, Mahesh was seen commenting “The good die young :(” on Paul Walker Facebook fan page.

(Idea: Brototi Roy)

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