Game of Thrones to be included in the engineering curriculum

The government on Tuesday announced its plans to include the television series, Game of Thrones in the engineering curriculum. The announcement came after a suicide attempt by an engineering student from IIN Delhi because he failed to binge watch all the four seasons of GoT before the season five premiere.

The government has taken this step in hopes that including Game of thrones in the curriculum will make students lose interest in the T.V. series and prevent further suicide attempts.

Exams are coming.

Exams are coming

Sunny, a pro at watching TV series and famous for his ability to complete seasons at breathtaking pace was unable to do the same with Game Of Thrones. “Sunny completed both Two and a Half Men and How I Met Your Mother in a week,” said Akash, his porn addict roommate. “This is not all, Sunny is also a Guinness world record holder for completing 10 seasons F.R.I.E.N.D.S. in five hours flat,” he added. Popularly known as TV baba, Sunny had a set mantra, “Eat, Sleep, and watch Seasons.”

Overconfident of his abilities, Sunny started watching Game of Thrones on Saturday night hoping to complete it before the fifth season airs on Monday but could only manage to watch three seasons. The mere thought of what would follow once his friends knew about this huge failure forced Sunny to take this drastic step.

Although prima facie evidence suggests that peer pressure was the reason for suicide attempt, the police is not ruling out other possibilities. The 2017 batch of mechanical engineering of IIN doesn’t have even a single girl. “The pent up sexual frustration may have played a role in his decision as well,” a police officer was quoted as saying.

“When we reached out to one of the potential course instructors, he refused to react till we greeted him with ‘Valar Morghulis’. He claimed that his groundbreaking research work consisting of the development of a new periodic table, that classifies the 250 show characters according to their family, violence and nudity on the show will help his students understand GoT much faster. “I am sad to hear about Sunny”, he said “Being in mechanical engineering is frustrating in itself and to add to it the heart stabbing and brain guzzling storyline of Game of Thrones…it’s no wonder even the TV baba couldn’t take it.”

Students unhappy with government’s plan

“If GoT becomes part of our curriculum we’ll have to treat it like any other subject. That is, avoid it till the day before exam. Not only this will increase pressure but will also take away the fun from the awesome gore and nudity displayed in the show,” said an IINite who’ll take three back exams this semester.

“Now I can’t torrent the new episode as it releases, as the laws of engineering curriculum dictates, I’ll have to download it just two days before exam like any other subject material,” he added.

Meanwhile, NTMN has confirmed news that government is also contemplating announcing 33% reservation for girls in the mechanical engineering branch.

(With inputs from Pratul, Vinay and Tanay)

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