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Green tea against Hindu culture, will do ghar wapsi of green tea drinkers – VHP chief

In a not-so-shocking statement, VHP chief Pravin Togadia said that green tea is a western concept and hence they will demand for a public boycott or ban of the product.

According to him, green tea had been brought to India by Christian missionaries seeking to convert gullible desi masala chai drinkers.

He was addressing a crowd near an IT Park, where most of the employees of nearby companies had gathered on the pretext of training. Speaking in chaste Sanskrit, he said “चायं भारतस्य एव परम्परा अस्ति परं, green tea इति तु पाश्चात्यपद्धतिः वर्तते. वयं तत् बहिष्कुर्मः” (Tea is part of Indian culture, but green tea is a Western concept. We will boycott it.) Most of the engineers present there nodded with full understanding.

"Chai ka, coffee ka, coke ka. Sabka badla lega ye tera virat Hindu."

“Chai ka, coffee ka, coke ka. Sabka badla lega ye tera Virat Hindu.” Image source: Newslaundry

Elaborating further on the topic, he said that the entire idea of losing weight by drinking green tea was a propaganda to make the Virat Hindu weak before the world. “The concept of dieting is not needed for Hindus. They have to produce 4 children. Do you think such anorexic size zero girls will be able to do that?

“That is why I oppose green tea, and call for green ghee. Ghee made from cow’s milk which eats only green grass,” he said. Mr. Togadia also said that the VHP karyakartaas will convert all the green tea workers by visiting all the IT companies and offering them “shudh khaanti dudh ka chai“. Those “willing” to convert will then be taught how to make tea as a part of their “ghar waapasi karyakram” and will be offered one packet milk, half kilo sugar and one Bagh Bakri tea packet as a welcome gift.

VHP plans to start this ghar wapsi drive from Bangalore in South, Noida in North, Kolkata in east and their favourite demigod PM Modi ji’s Gujarat in the west. Akbaruddin Owaisi has already announced his plans to oppose them and promote green tea among the IT company employees.

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