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TRAI recommends 112 as emergency number; Bejan Daruwalla says not safe

Even as TRAI recommended 112 as the single emergency number for India, self-proclaimed vastu-jyotyish-guru-baba Bejan Daruwalla claimed that 112 isn’t a safe number to go ahead with.

“112, is not safe at all! Imagine if a person is in an emergency, what is the first number he remembers? 666 maybe, 111 maybe. 112? Why will I remember 112? While that is another issue, safety isn’t my major concern, the numbers add up to 4. 4 is such an even number. It isn’t even prime. I mean it is even, but it isn’t prime. Even primes are unique. There is only one. Not 1, I mean only one exists, and that is 2. There are no three ways about it.”

Your horoscope says that you're a gullible person if you believe my predictions

Your horoscope says that you’re a gullible person if you believe in my predictions.

“More over, 112 is the start of Fibonacci sequence. And sequences can’t be left incomplete. Imagine there is a mathematician with an OCD for sequences (i.e. every mathematician), in an emergency, he will start with 112 and continue dialing 358… Poor him and whoever is stuck with him in emergency.”

911 in USA – 9/11. 112 in India – 11/2, 1/12

“This would lead to terrorist activities on 11th February/2nd November/12th January/1st December,” said Bejan.
He promised that if terrorist activities didn’t take place on these dates, he would himself take the initiative and make frightening predictions, killing enough number of educated Indians out of fear.

The general consensus among public to this response was that Bejan should have less daru and more sense.

Nuclear explosion and Nana Patekar

gyan baba who happens to be an astrologer gave us his views, “Is number me chandrama aur surya ka takrav ho raha hai. Is hisaab se nuclear explosion ki poori sambhawna hai.

On digging deeper into the matter it has come to light that the guy who forwarded number 112 as the suggestion, was leaving the theatre after watching Ab tak 56- 2. Two times 56 is 112. He also recommended 300 and 127. TRAI decided to stick with the Indian culture and chose 112.

We asked a BJP MP, Sadhu Hardam Hindutva, if the government would consider getting the emergency number changed. He said, “Though I don’t understand what Daruwalla said, I do know that the number 112 is against Indian culture. The only number that belongs to our culture is ZERO. Enough said.”

TRAI’s official response was that this number has been chosen to celebrate Modi ji’s 112th foreign trip. “Modi ko jod do kaise bhi, audience aayegi,” said a TRAI spokesperson.


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