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IIT aspirant fails to complete homework; to be tried under Juvenile Justice Act

IIT aspirant Raman Singh from Kota has committed the heinous crime of not completing the homework assigned to him.

This act of atrocity has left the entire nation disgusted and has forced the people to consider the morality of everything. The matter was immediately reported to the police and the culprit was arrested.

All the procedures were completed promptly and the case will commence within a week. The prosecution has demanded Raman to be tried as an adult under the new provisions of Juvenile Justice Act, recently passed by the parliament.


“Raman was selected via ‘Bull’s Eye’ selection process and only the best and brightest get through it. He failed to complete his homework and we want to make an example out of him so that no other student repeats this. You see, we have to maintain standards here,” said Mr Sanghi, the physics faculty at the student’s coaching academy.

The teacher defended the prosecution’s move to try Raman as an adult. “He has committed a serious crime. Can’t you see that? If he gets away without cramming and incomplete assignments it will become a trend at our prestigious academy. That is why charges were filed against him under IPC section 504 (disturbing peace and intentional insult) and IPC section 420 (dishonesty and cheating). He deserves to be tried as an adult for such crimes”.

Crime is crime, age does not matter

We also spoke the prosecution lawyer Mr. Crane about this case. On being asked whether the 17-year-old boy deserved such such a treatment, he said, “There is a loophole in our system which allows these young boys to get away with serious punishment. Thank god that now we have a provision with which we can try these criminals as adults. Crime is a crime, it does not matter whether it is committed by a 30-year-old or an 8-year-old. They all should get equal punishment. We will demand that the student gets maximum penalty.”

Meanwhile, every one is looking for an appropriate punishment for the 17-year-old that can satisfy the collective conscience of the whole country.

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