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People happy with Chetan Bhagat’s stint on Nach Baliye; hope it will keep him from writing books

Rupa paid off Star Plus to take Bhagat off their hands, conspiracy theorists claim

The engineer-turned-banker-turned-writer-turned-“what-am-I-even-doing”, Mr. Chetan Bhagat’s stint on the television show Nach Baliye has been well-received by people all over the social media. Calling it a good decision by the IITian after a “long fucking time,” people are hoping that this move would keep him from writing more books.

The 41-year-old youth icon who created ripples by consistently writing the bestselling pieces of literature [citation needed] is finally getting the respect he deserves by judging a prime time dance T.V. show. Mr. Bhagat being a Delhiite is well-known for his killer dance moves, especially the “balley balley” manoeuvre which is a cornerstone of any self-respecting North Indian.

"Watch my show, else I'll start writing."

“Either watch my show or I start writing.”

“This is good news. As long as he is occupied with something and not writing his fantasies I am happy,” said Mr. Ramesh who is eagerly waiting to publish his Fifty Shades of Grey fan fiction.

Rupa paid off Star Plus to take Bhagat off their hands, conspiracy theorists claim

Latest conspiracy theory doing the rounds is that Rupa Publishing House paid off Star Plus to take Chetan Bhagat as one of the judges.

Mr. Peril Patel, a well-known conspiracy theorist claimed that Rupa just wants Chetan to find new fodder for the next book.

“Rupa is worried that Bhagat’s stories revolving around just one girl will not be enough anymore. Nach Baliye might inspire him to find a more complex and dynamic story plot for the next novel, hopefully involving more female characters,” claimed Mr. Patel

“Hopefully Chetan Bhagat will gain new perspectives and write more books which can be used as mouse pads and for wrapping kachoris,” Mr Patel added

Whatever be the case, all the theorists agreed upon the fact that the Indian book loving community is rejoicing too soon. They will be blindsided when Bhagat announces a new book by the end of 2015 based on his Nach Baliye experiences.

Unfortunately, Mr. Bhagat was too busy to comment on these claims. “Deti hai to de, varna kat le,” Mr. Bhagat was seen talking to the Kachori seller.

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