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Prime Minister Narendra Modi completes yet another selfie tour

The one year of Modi sarkaar in power was wrapped up with the completion of yet another selfie tour by the Prime Minister. For the first time in history even the Mongols were caught off guard and were shot by the selfie-specialist.

Mr. Modi who just returned from China after signing a series of important selfies made it straight to Mongolia for a different selfie background.

Snapchat: Shooting a Mongol...lol.

Snapchat: Shooting a Mongol…lol.

Why the obsession with selfies?
While some say that the Prime Minister is just trying to fit in with the cool kids other believe that Mr. Modi is trying to set a world record of “Selfie-with-every-world-leader.”

Rumour around the Lutyens zone say that an Instagram page of the leader will soon be functional. While some people might look over the achievements of Modi government and criticize his selfies, Modi bhakts have given the name “Shiv-selfie” to the phenomenon. Bhakts have been sighted worshiping the Shiv-selfies accompanied with “Namo-namah” mantra.

On the other hand, the selfies have been generally well-received among common folks. “With all the work he does I think there is no harm in taking selfies, I think this kind of personalization is fun. People know what their leader is up to,” said Mr. Rajdeep, the father of Selfie Pe Kharcha yojna.
“As long as he doesn’t make a duck face while clicking pics, I am a happy man,” he added.

Selfie Pe Kharcha
Sources have confirmed a new scheme called Selfie pe kharcha. Formally known as “Narendra Modi Front Camera Yojna”, is a scheme in which people will pay to take a selfie with the Prime Minister. Under this yojna common folks would also be allowed to inspect the 56-inch chest of Mr. Prime Minister. A signed selfie with the Indian leader could be exchanged for a cup of tea anywhere in India, sources say.

(Concept: Shridhar)

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