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Student scores 100 percentile in CAT—doesn’t make it to IIN

Keeping up the high standards set by the most prestigious institution, IIN, a student who scored 100 percentile in CAT was unable to make it to the institution. This is just one of many cases where IIN has rejected top performers because they apparently did not meet their quality standards.

Rishab Mahajan, a 25-year-old young professional who works at a major software company was ecstatic after the CAT results were announced. “This is the greatest achievement of my life, all my hard work finally paid off. I was confident that I would make it to IIN with my score and uske baad toh life set thi,” Rishab said. “But katta kar diya yaar inhone to mera,” Rishab added devastated by his IIN hopes.

Rishab comes from a middle class family and keeping up with the tradition they have been very vocal about their disappointment in their son. “Sharma ji ke ladkke ka IIN mei ho gaya, uska toh CAT bhi clear nahi hua tha,” his father said. Meanwhile, Rishab’s mother has dropped any prospect of her son’s marriage and is considering a matrimonial advertisement.

"Sharma ji ka ladka" who failed CAT but still made it to IIN.

“Sharma ji ka ladka” who failed CAT but still made it to IIN.

IIN Alumni boast about rigorous selection procedure

“IIN has come a long way since it started a couple of months ago,” Shyam Singh, the first graduate of IIN Ahmedabad explained to NTMN, “This new rigorous selection procedure will help us capture some of the best talent in the country and turn them into geniuses overnight, and will help us take credit for all their future achievements.”

The IIN selection procedure has been shrouded in mystery, even the RTI act cannot be applied on this top secret selection process. “Well, of course RTI cannot be applied,” said Mr. Yadav, Principal Director of IIN who also teaches and works as the janitor. “To give information, we must have information ourselves, there is no standard selection procedure, like the students taking our exams, we make shit up as we go along,” Mr. Yadav added giving us a glimpse into the mechanisms of this prestigious institution.

CAT to soon be replaced by DOGs as IIN entrance test

“CAT is a misrepresentation of our test. We want the candidates to be able to trust the exam and we all know cats cannot be trusted. Hence, we are changing it to DOG from this year, which stands for “Daily Organizational Gas”. We expect candidates will be better prepared to deal with the jargons and rigours of b-schools after this,” Mr. Yadav explained with a straight face.

Meanwhile the Mahajan family is considering to submit the paper for rechecking. At last, Rishab was seen with a bottle of Old Monk and some chakhna.

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