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10 Awesome things your new Modi App lets you do!

  • The App begins with a very witty innuendo, slyly aimed at the opposition parties.

  • However, it is filled with bugs. As you can see, there are two hyperlinks at the bottom right that don’t work at all.


  • #1. The App manages to differentiate people with smartphone chest smaller than 5.6 inches.


  • #2. On successful log-in, you are automatically registered as a BJP member.


  • #3. You get personalized campaigning messages from Modi on your smartphone, where he refers to you with a custom nickname, “Mitron”.


  • #4. The app will also give you Modi’s itinerary and current GPS location from around the globe.


  • #5. The App has a totally unique feature called ‘Modi FM’ which allows you to listen to unfiltered thoughts of the PM all day, including his very private moments.


  • #6. This very popular “Selfie with Modi” feature allows you to take a selfie, with Modi then automatically placed right beside you.


  • #7. ‘Dress Me Modi’ is an inbuilt apparel store having cotton clothes for sale for Men, Women and Children, some of these even designed by the PM himself.


  • #8. There is a section to “Interact with PM”, and here you can give your ideas and suggestions on issues of national importance, like Ghar Wapsi. Or, you can even choose to Join BJP. Again!


  • #9. The app has a Bash-Congress badge to be earned, which can only be done by expressing how shameful you felt for being an Indian during Congress’s rule.


  • #9. In the “Badges to be earned”, there are some seriously debatable badges. One of them being “Mr. Business” badge, which is earned by clearing mind boggling challenges including “selling a comb to a bald person”, “How to make profit with a net revenue of 0” etc.


  • #10. Finally, the app even lets you have a look at PM Modi’s achievements. We believe there is a bug here too as the page was empty last we checked.






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