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10-month-old tops Candy Crush Saga rankings

A ten-month-old infant recently came to the top rank in the game Candy Crush Saga. The kid, who hasn’t even had poop-training yet, has mastered the hardest levels of the game.

The mother, a 32-year-old housewife homemaker, on the account of being so busy with the daily chores didn’t notice when her child started competing.

“I didn’t even know that he was playing games. I just thought that he was pressing random buttons on my phone. It kept him busy and bought me time for the never-ending work.”

“I should buy him the latest Samsung model for proper training,” said his mother obviously proud of her overachiever baby.

Candy Crush, making you want to break your phone since 2012.

Candy Crush- making you want to break your phone since 2012.

When asked about his prodigal achievements, the kid eloquently said, “Gu gu mmmmmhh. Aaaeennnnn; mmmmmhh.”
“Yeah I’m the champ! Deal with it, y’all!,” his mother translated this language of winners for us.

Ache Din?
Researchers at the Department of Smriti (Memory) in the University of Irani said this to be a commendable achievement. Citing fictional studies, they said, this has been possible because of the various reforms in education system which is making the kids brighter.

On remarking that the kid hadn’t even had any education yet, the offended researchers threw the reporter of the department.

Father still not proud
The kid’s father, the only one who seemed sane, said that it could be a monkey-on-a-typewriter phenomenon. He suggested everyone to take things with a pinch of salt and said that his kid was no genius but short-sighted both literally and philosophically in life.

“I don’t know how kids learn these things so fast! He knows all the shortcuts to all the apps in my phone, even though he doesn’t understand one bit about what these apps do. Once he opened WhatsApp and accidentally sent an embarrassing photo on my colleagues’ group. Of course he didn’t know what he was doing. It took a while for things to get normal,” the father said.

Several similar stories from selected states of the country poured in. Spectacular bespectacled children as young as two years who can barely walk fared better than adults in using mobile phones, tablets, and in ophthalmic diseases.

Meanwhile, various coaching institutes have cropped up across the country to train Candy Crush aspirants.

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