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Citing constitutional authority, Lt Governor Najeeb Jung cancels Kejriwal’s lunch order

In what appears to be another case of power struggle in Delhi, Lt Governor Najeeb Jung displayed his dominance by cancelling Delhi Chief Minister, Mr. Kejriwal’s lunch order.

This exercise of authority has sparked an outrage in the Aam Aadmi Party.

Sources have confirmed that the cook at Kejriwal bhavan departed for a ten day vacation and Mr. Kejriwal had to order his food from outside.

After waiting for an hour the Chief Minister inquired about his Dal-Roti order from“Jaggu da Dhaba” and to his dismay his order was cancelled by Lt Governor Najeeb Jung.

Official confirmation given

Mr Ashutosh's book,

 “Kejriwal ki Jung” by Ashutosh will hit the book stands soon , sources have confirmed.

Mr. Kejriwal received an official letter about the order cancellation from Mr. Jung. The letter contains detailed explanation of how Lt Governor has constitutional authority to override the orders of the Chief Minister.

The office has insisted that the Lieutenant Governor is the sole authority in Delhi on any major issues, including top appointments.

According to the office, Lt. Governor also has the authority to decide what Mr. Kejriwal eats, who can marry whom, who should be opening for India in test matches, whether Jadeja is in the team as a bowler or as a batsman, and does Rohit Sharma really has the potential.

Governmnet of India approves

Government of India came out in support of Mr Jung. BJP veteran, Mr. Rajnath Singh issued a statement in favour of the Lt Governor.

“There is nothing illegal being done here. It is the prerogative of the Lt Governor to decide what can be ordered for lunch by a Chief Minister and what cannot be. This is all for the good health of Mr. Kejriwal.”

Currently the matter is with Delhi high court . The decision on whether Kejriwal can order Roti and Dal for lunch will be decide by Delhi high court by next week

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