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Dr. Shashi Tharoor intellectual, eloquent and really, really hot, people have admitted

In the light of Mr. Shahsi Tharoor inflicting third degree burns on British colonialism during an Oxford debate, people have admitted that the Member of Parliament is intellectual, eloquent and really, really hot.

“I have always thought Dr. Tharoor was good looking, but when I saw him debate about Britishers owing reparations, it became quite clear that not only is this guy cute, but is actually really fucking hot,” said Prashant, a student at Delhi University.

Ladies, please contain yourself

Ladies, please contain yourself

“I mean, the way he dismantled the Britishers with just his eloquence is secondary to him being good looking. It really is his eyes that does it for me.”

“I would totally tap that,” Prashant added.

Shashi Tharoor just a pretty face?

Not everyone is happy with this new found hotness of Shashi Tharoor. Mrs. Kavita Jagmohan, a prominent journalist has said that many people are overlooking Tharoors’s brillance and are just looking at his face.

“Some dimwits are just listening to him because of his handsome face. The words that come out the mouth of this Greek god are equally important. His eloquence while speaking and the way this handsome son of bitch flicks his head to adjust his glorious hair—perfectly partitioned by Jesus himself—is brilliant.”

“For many people Shashi Tharoor might just be an eye candy but not for me. His sound logic and arguments are most inspiring. His sensual English accent, chiseled face, lustful eyes that radiate with the intensity of a thousand burning suns, might impress some people, but not me, not at all,” Mrs. Kavita said.

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