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“I guess, I really am just that good,” Leander Paes reveals his secret in an exclusive NTMN interview

After capturing yet another Grand Slam crown, tennis heavyweight Leander Paes has revealed in an exclusive interview that he really is just that good.

Talking to NTMN, the legend gave us a glimpse into his thought process in this enlightening interview.

Here is the transcript.

NTMN: Congratulations, how do you feel?

Yes yes, I am a legend. Now calm yourselves.

Yes yes, I am a legend. Now calm yourselves.

Paes: Really?

NTMN: What?

Paes: I just won another Grand Slam title, how do you think I feel?

NTMN: So… good?

Paes: *Continues to stare*

NTMN: Okay then, next question, what has been the hardest part of your journey so far?

Paes: The hardest part would be, to actually get Indians to care about tennis. It is just cricket and Salman with you lot. It was difficult to convince some of you that I actually matter and it took me 16 Grand Slam victories to do that. But you’ll still forget tennis tomorrow when some reporter clicks Kohli holding Anushka’s hand.

NTMN: Wow, tough luck. Now, tell us your secret?

Paes: What?

NTMN: Your secret man, sixteen Grand Slam victories, there must be some secret.

Paes: There is no secret. I really am just that good.


Paes: Yes.

NTMN: What are your plans for the future?

Paes: I guess I’ll continue being awesome just like I have always been.

NTMN: Hmm, good, good. It was a well-deserved title.

Paes: I know.

NTMN: Cool, cool.

Paes: Are we done now?

NTMN: Umm, yeah. Thank you for the interview.

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