Media busy covering Yakub’s death ignores the discovery of extraterrestrial life

Indian media has overanalyzed a lot of things, be it Sachin Tendulkar’s tennis elbow, Aishwarya Rai’s wedding or Rahul Gandhi’s statements in the parliament.

But today, the mainstream media lowered its bar further by covering the death of a mass murderer in excruciating detail.

Minute by minute coverage of absolutely inconsequential news seems to have become a fetish of the media.

NTMN decided to interview a mainstream media insider. Contemplating between the eternally-outraged Arnab, ever-illogical Sagarika Ghoshe, krantikari Punya Prasoon Bajpai, the legal scholar Rajat Kapoor or the humanitarian lobbyist Barkha Dutt.

Our reporter Kekedar decided to stick to the man himself, the serial book-launcher, Rajdeep Sardesai.

Here is the only excerpt.

Kekdekar : Rajdeep, why are the news channels creating so much hype around the death of Yakub Memon?

Rajdeep : We are not hyping it up. It is indeed a very important event that deserves utmost attention of the media.

Kekdekar : More important than NASA discovering extraterrestrial life ?

Yakub Memon, an over-death sensation.

Yakub Memon, an over-death sensation.

Rajdeep : Absolutely. How many people are out on the streets because NASA discovered extraterrestrial life? A guy being hanged to death is an emotional story and is much more important than someone landing on Mars or the existence of an alien life.

Kekdekar : Seriously?

Rajdeep : Yes, I mean every word I say. Dude, we have been waiting for this since 22 years now. Nobody can take this away from us. It is the whole package. Modi in power, guy convicted in blasts being hanged while Owaisi crying foul and pseudo-liberals asking for a ban on death penalty for the wrong reasons. It is a jackpot. This story has so many angles that we can milk it for months!

NTMN regrets to inform the readers that—sadly—we were not able to continue this interview. Our reporter Kekedar collapsed after this interaction and is currently in the psychiatric ward undergoing therapy. Let us pray for his speedy recovery.

Meanwhile, readers are advised to switch off their television sets and spend some quality time with their families.

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