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Rape case lodged against a man a day after he called Akhilesh Yadav fat

In what appears to be yet another case of politicians misusing their power to influence the truth, local man Amit was booked on for a rape charge, just after the day he stated a factually correct statement i.e. Akhilesh Yadav is fat.

Amit, who was discussing politics and the upcoming elections in Uttar Pradesh with his friends at a tea shop, casually said “Akhilesh bohot mote lag rahe hain aaj kal.” This was supposedly overheard by a member of the Samajwadi Party. When Amit woke up the next day, he found the police at his door step with an arrest warrant against him.

Being called fat a greater insult than being called incompetent

Azam Khan of the Samajwadi Party said, “how dare someone calls our Chief Minister fat? Akhileshji has been called corrupt, incompetent, inefficient, opportunist, and many other things. But he has never been called fat. This is a great insult to our leader. ”

Mota kahe bola bey?

Mota kahe bola bey?

Amit’s father said that they have been receiving threat calls from Akhilesh’s supporters. When confronted about this Azam Khan said “This is all false. Akhileshji goes to gym everyday. He is of course hurt by such misinformed statements. But he would never threaten anyone for calling him false names.”

Don’t like it? Ban it!

A bill has been legislated and submitted in Uttar Pradesh assembly that makes it illegal to call Alkhilesh Yadav fat. Taking a cue from this the Congress party has banned the use of more than 200 words for Rahul Gandhi. Words like dumb, pappu useless, buddhu, shehzada and Rahul Gandhi itself are a few of them.

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