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Asaram Bapu to wear red mini skirt to get back his bhakt base

Asaram Bapu is back drawing headlines after dust settled down in the assault case controversy. This time, he has adopted Radhe Maa’s mini skirt look to boost his fan following.

“My close aides advised me that it is time for me to take a new avatar. Devotees seem to like the red dress trend. If that is what my followers want, I wouldn’t think twice about entertaining their wish,” said the holy man from the prison.

It was Rupesh, a close aide, who suggested this move to Asaram. “Since I am not currently dealing with the assault case slapped on Asaram Bapu, I decided to take up the PR position. I strongly feel bhakt jans are desperately longing for a new avatar of baba.”

“Preferably an avatar that shows a bit more leg.”

Radhe Baap?

Radhe Baap?

Asaram was seen in jail, dancing around in a skin-tight red t-shirt and a red mini skirt with a red cap. The red avatar darshan is now just a click away as his social media experts have shared his pictures on the internet.

However, it has been made clear that the pictures shared online are just a trial darshan and money will be charged after the trial period is over, the charges will be inversely proportional to Bapu’s skirt length.

Skirt outsourced from Radhe Maa

The skirt was apparently outsourced from Radhe Maa and is already creating much fanfare among the loyal followers.

Meena, a bapu bhakt had tears of joy upon seeing Bapu in skirt. “Just look at him, who else can be a better incarnation of God than this pure and pious soul dancing, and showing just enough legs,” she said wiping her tears.

First ever coalition babgiri formed

In order to reinvigorate his bhakt base Asaram will be forming a first ever coalition babagiri with Radhe Maa. “Both our fan bases contain completely different demographics,” the PR agent said.

“Hopefully this sharing of power will be beneficial for both of us. Eventually, we plan to cut in the bhakt share of other babas,” he added.

Meanwhile, sources have confirmed that in order to face lift the rapist’s image, Honey Singh will be composing some hip bhajans that could appeal to the misogyny of his ardent followers.

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