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How much dough will the dowry fetch? An insight into the daughter transaction process

The age-old saying that ‘marriage is a gamble’ has been realized in its truest form with the dowry system still surviving in our so-called modern world.

While parents want to see their kids married and settled, they ensure a good amount of income out of their son’s marriage.

Mrs. Sharma is a housewife whose only wish is to get her NRI son married, especially now that he is rich. “I’ve been waiting for this ever since I knew I had a son. The wedding will help me raise a lot of money,” Mrs. Sharma tells us. “My kitty party club has just increased the charges.”

The doctor has prescribed a monthly dose of kitty parties to ensure three hours of peace for the rest of the family.

The major problem before the Sharma family, however, is that the rate of their obedient son, Lokesh, is not moving beyond Rs. 5 lakh. It is a bad economy after all.Dowry-edited

Regularly taking depression pills along with anti-aging pills, Mrs. Sharma has started losing her temper easily.

“I told you to send him to London,” she yells at Mr. Sharma. “Canada NRIs have hit an all-time low in the market. What’ll we do with just 5 lakh? Our beta makes that much per month!”

Lokesh, however, being open-minded and modern, thinks that this rate is a fair deal for him, considering that his visa has only five months’ validity. “Mother, I liked the girl we last met. She told me she never had a boyfriend in her life. It will boost my ego to be the first one to open the seal of her romantic world,” he says.

Transaction successful.

Transaction successful.

Everyone knows that a virgin wife is worth an extra Rs. 50,000 by herself. This is common knowledge.

However, Mrs. Sharma poured water on his hopes to be the ‘conqueror’ of the girl’s world. “That girl is not very conscious about her looks.

“We will have to spend a lot to buy her appropriate make-up and clothes after the marriage. After all, she has to look the prettiest in the colony at least. This will lessen the dowry fund for my kitty expenses. Sorry beta, you will have to compromise.”

“I do not care about money, I am not that superficial,” Lokesh thunders. “For me, a girl’s values and quality matter the most.” He supported this argument by citing the example of OLX, where the first hand items are always priced higher than the second-hand ones.

Finally, the father intervenes. “What about the girl I introduced you to. She is highly educated–”.

Alarmed by the words ‘highly educated’, Mrs. Sharma cuts her husband. “Ohh please, will you tolerate her logical demands and counter her rational arguments after marriage?” she cited her obvious concerns. And that was it, her education was enough to settle her disqualification.

Exhausted by the day-long discussions over ‘fund raising’, Mrs. Sharma got decked up for her kitty party where she will be discussing dowry extortion tips from other civilized people.

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