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Narcissist Arvind Kejriwal’s name spelled on his birthday cake, people shocked

Megalomaniac, egomaniac and Machiavellian Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, was again in the news today and this time for yet another display of his abuse of political power.

Celebrating his birthday the Chief Minister had the audacity to have a cake with his name written on it. And eat it too!

Such ludicrous display of self-glorification has created an outrage and has positively “broken the internet,” much of twitter was in abusive mode over this self-masturbation.

People of Delhi are rightfully regretting bringing this Maoist scum to power. We talked to Mr. Adarsh who had much to say about this commie.

“I am absolutely appalled that a Chief Minister would force the cake makers to write his name on it. This clearly displays his communist tendencies. Such narcissism has no need in a democracy, to think that one could have such an ego is abominable.”

You'll pay for such atrocious act.

You’ll pay for such an atrocious act.

Kejriwal denies

Mr. Kejriwal has denied that it was his name on his birthday cake or that he was aware of the pre-planned birthday party.

He however said, and we quote, “I agree this is a wrong practice. I will stop this practice forthwith.”

Mr. Kejriwal later tweeted pictures of Sheila Dikshit’s and Najeeb Jung’s cake which had their names on it. However, a backlash followed immediately where people said that it was exactly because of previous government’s self-glorification that he was brought to power and now he was following the same steps.

Sources say that slogans of “Jai Arvind” instead of “Jai Hind” were shouted on Independence day and have further confirmed people’s view that Arvind Kejriwal is indeed a Naxal power monger.

(With inputs from Aashish Aryan)

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