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Peace talks cancelled by boyfriend as girl violates ceasefire

Keeping up with this regular dance-and-song routine, latest attempts at peace talks by a boyfriend were cancelled on the account of ceasefire violation.

The girl has been guilty of crossing the line-of-control of personal boundaries several times, and intruding on her boyfriend’s personal space, the boy said.

This time shots were fired when she started complaining about the boyfriend to her male best-friend-forever.

The BFF was invited before the talks by the girl, but the boyfriend has made it clear that peace talks cannot happen if any third party is involved.

“Best friend forever is a separatist”

Boyfriend's approach has shifted from passive aggressive to aggressive.

Boyfriend’s approach has shifted from passive aggressive to aggressive.

The boyfriend has insisted that talks could never happen if she talks to her male best friend before talking to him.

“He is a separatist. He wants to separate us. I have made it clear time and again that these talks can never happen in an environment full of jealousy. There should be no third party involved. Her male BFF does not have any stake in our relationship.”

Although the boyfriend had always maintained this position, it was the first time that a strong reiteration made it crystal clear where he stood.

The boyfriend issued a stern warning to his girl, that if she continued to talk to separatists the peace talks would not be held. The girl meanwhile said that she cannot “take dictation from anyone” on this issue.

Sources have confirmed that further bedroom cricket matches between the couple have been cancelled.

(With inputs from Tanay Sukumar and Aashish Aryan)

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