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Vyapam scam accused found alive under mysterious circumstances

Police in Lutyens Delhi to restrain media from jumping the gun in order to prevent fear mongering.

The conspiracy deepens. Another alive body has left the police perplexed.

The Vyapam scam took a turn for the worse when another person became victim to the claws of life. The body of Mr. Srinivasn was discovered by his wife, and was found to be quite alive and breathing at the time and after.

An ambulance was called and Mr. Srinavasn was rushed to nearest hospital. Unfortunately, the doctors declared him alive on arrival.

Currently, Mr. Srinivasn is in critical unit where he is fighting baseless claims that someone is killing all the accused in the Vyapam scam case.

Mainstream media was seen fervently praying for his ill-health and a quick recovery to the nearest grave.

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