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Kindergarten gets costlier as kids demand Apple Pencils

In what came as a scathing blow to Apsara and Nataraj – the leading pencil manufacturers in India – Apple has announced the launch of Apple Pencil.

As the super smart kids of the new generation caught the news, demand for Apple Pencils increased among the students of kindergarten especially among those in Senior KG section.

Krish, a 5-year-old boy, studying in Senior KG started throwing tantrums as his mom forced him to wake up and go to school. Krish said he would only go if he was given the new Apple Pencil. To satisfy the toddler, an apple and a pencil were brought to him, but the child declared in his own words, “I ain’t no fool.”

Chota Bheem to market Indian pencils

Kids now eagerly waiting for Apple erasers and Apple apple.

Kids now eagerly waiting for Apple erasers and Apple apple.

On the other hand, leading pen manufacturers in India, Cello, Reynolds and Nataraj are also afraid their sales might suffer because of this new product.

“If indeed the kids are given Apple Pencils during their kindergarten, they might not be interested in using pens when they come to class 3, which could really harm our products,” said the CEO of a leading pen manufacturer.
However, a solution was soon discovered.

The CEO said, “My kid is also in kindergarten and he is a big fan of Chota Bheem. He might not listen to us but he surely listens to Chota Bheem. If somehow we can manage him to advertise for regular pencils and pens then we might still succeed in not falling into the tantrum traps for Apple Pencil!”

Meanwhile, sources have confirmed that Rahul Gandhi has started demanding Apple Pencils from mother Sonia Gandhi, saying it’ll help him make digital cheat sheets thus minimizing the risk of getting caught by a photographer.

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  • iPencils may be expensive, but they’re worth the money. They’re 25% thinner and 15% lighter than the previous version, have advance iCloud protection, and oleophobic lead-free tips that you can sharpen using the iSharpener (sold separately).

    Scribbling. Redefined.

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