Mobile internet services suspended in Gujarat, parents elated as kids stay home to access Wi-Fi

Even as people complained about the attack on basic human rights as BJP government shut down mobile internet services in leading cities of Gujarat, mothers of the college going youth were delighted with this development.

Shardaben, mother of a 21-year-old engineering student exclaimed, “this is the second time in the last one month that mobile internet services are shut and I can’t tell you how happy I am!

"Now we can all play Candy Crush together, as a family."

“Now we can all play Candy Crush together, as a family.”

The Wi-Fi services are working and my poor boy has to stay at home to access the internet. It’s the first time in two years of his college that he has seen his dad.

He comes home at midnight when his dad is asleep and when his dad goes to work in the morning, he is usually sleeping.The father and son are having some real communication after a very long time,” said the overjoyed mother.

“Besides, I don’t have to keep calling him on phone to know his whereabouts. Earlier, he used to keep wasting away his time with his friends till mid-night after college but now that has changed.

I wish the Gujarat government keeps this ban for at least a few days in a month so that our kids stay at home with us instead of wasting their time and our money in malls!”

Mrs. Shardaben further emphasized that the communication among her family has greatly improved and they’re all having some real, genuine talks over their WhatsApp group.

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