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Guest speaker forgets promise of “keeping lecture interactive”

At least thirty students fell asleep and four others made paper aeroplanes after a guest speaker at a college fest forgot his promise of “keeping the lecture interactive”.

“Two minutes into the lecture, we found out that the man had prepared a PowerPoint presentation. There was no way it could be interactive, and so, I slept,” said one of the students who actually thinks she knows why she went for the session.

sleep“The speaker introduced himself and bravely said he had not planned for the session,” said another student, who had to attend because he was a friend of the event organizer. “Then he said the session would be interactive. But the next moment, he showed us a presentation with 30 slides on the big screen.” He spoke for the next one hour using the presentation, without being interrupted by sleeping students.

Sources say some first-year kids had actually believed the speaker and were impressed when he said he had not planned for the session.

The lecture that the students were attending was not titled “How to get a girlfriend and stay happy”, probably a reason why the students fell asleep. The actual title is either unknown or incomprehensible, say students who made an attempt to attend. The event organizer, a final-year student of the college, had promised students that the lecture would be about how to attract audiences.

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