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The History Channel, Ripped Apart!

When you hear the name “History Channel”, anyone who possesses even the slightest intelligence will expect documentaries on historical events like the First and the Second World War, the Indian Independence Struggle or the Cold War. The “History” channel could also perhaps showcase the history of sports, medicine, science and even music.

And when the History channel was first aired, it did exactly the above mentioned things. The channel aired biographies of famous historical figures, factoids and even made a show on the history of rock music.

history-channel-logoIt was all going good when suddenly the channel executives decided to defeat the purpose of the name “History Channel”. It was probably due to the fact that the network got poor ratings. But these executives transformed the History Channel from informative television to sensationalist television, like the metaphorical shopkeeper who never gives you what you ask for.

Some of the shows the channel began to air include Pawn Stars, Ice Road Truckers and Ax Men.

The channel’s highest rated show is Pawn Stars (a clever pun, eh?). It’s about a family running their pawn shop. That’s right.  The “History” channel’s highest rated show is about a family bickering among themselves and haggling with their customers. It is hard to imagine how watching a show about a pawn shop could ignite anybody’s interest in history. Other popular shows include Ax Men, which is a reality show about lumberjacks and Ice Road Truckers, which is about—you guessed it—truck drivers.

But wait, there’s more. A blunder much worse than airing reality shows on what is ostensibly called the History Channel, is showcasing pseudo-documentaries like Ancient Aliens, UFO files and Nostradamus effect. Ancient Aliens is probably the best they have to offer. This show talks about apocalyptic prophecies, especially the one on 2012 which the Mayans had made. When a show talks very strongly about a prophecy that has clearly failed and also tries to give the credit of building both the pyramids and the Stonehenge to aliensyou know you’re better off watching Lord of the Rings (both are ultimately fictional after all).

For a channel whose slogan is “History Channel-where the past comes alive” there seems to be very little content that has anything to do with history. What if HBO starts airing saas bahu serials? Or what if NDTV decides to show Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? If your channel’s content has nothing to do with history, why call it the HISTORY CHANNEL!

After being widely criticized by many, the executives at the History Channel have finally learnt their lesson. They have decided to hire an ambassador who will transform the image of the channel to its former glory. This man will assure the audience that the History channel is a great resource of historical facts and that he too loves watching their shows. Who’s this exemplary historian?

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