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Women now wearing cow costumes for their protection

Taking a cue from the status and protection given to cows in our society, women have started wearing cow costumes so they can be more safe in the country.

Many people have claimed this is a brilliant idea that will lower the crimes against women.

“I used to face a lot of eve-teasing on the streets,” said Shilpa Tiwari, a homemaker. “Now, the same people touch my feet to seek blessings,” she added.

Our holy moother.

Our holy moother.

A college student in Delhi said that this trend is providing safety and liberty to women.

“I am now allowed to go out at night if I am wearing my cow costume. Previously there was a strict curfew in girl’s hostel, this costume has been a blessing for me and my friends.”

Politicians taking credit

The cow trend has also triggered a political hysteria. Political parties seem to be in the race to take credit for it.

Rahul Gandhi of the Indian National Congress said, “Cow is our mother and I see a cow in every woman.” He further announced his plans for the empowerment of cows and women.

A Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson, however, said, “This is all because of our agitation to save the cows. It created awareness and gave birth to this idea of cow costume.”

Meanwhile, Janata Dal (United) leader Nitish Kumar has announced that free cow costumes will be provided to all women in Bihar if he wins the election.

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