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Cooking classes take a hit as Maggi makes a comeback

The return of Maggi has destroyed the cooking market that emerged after the ban on the noodles. The market which catered to hostelers, bachelors and women planning to get married is finding few takers after the ban was lifted.

Blame it on the patriarchal society of ours, but cooking has always been a prerequisite for any girl planning to get married. Until a few months back, girls were confident of their cooking skills, and were proud of their 2-minute recipes like Maggi noodles, Maggi sandwich, Maggi pakodas, Maggi omelette, and so on.

However, the ban on the sales of Maggi had handicapped the girls and their marriage prospects.

People all over looking forward to engage in unhealthy dietary habits once again

People are looking forward to engage in unhealthy dietary habits once again

The past few months had seen a great boom in the cooking classes business as a result. In some parts of Delhi and Mumbai, there were more cooking classes that had opened than IIT-JEE coaching centers.

But with the ban now revoked, there is an atmosphere of glum and sadness among the owners of these cooking classes.

Girls are again using Maggi to check off their cooking skills in the matrimonial forums.

A sad owner of one such cooking class said, “Where did they hide all the lead? We’re ruined. Maggi has ruined our Diwali. They’ve discontinued our classes without even offering us the Diwali bonus!”

However, the return of Maggi has been a blessing for hostelers and other bachelors for whom the 2-minute noodles are a staple. “This was much awaited,” said a hosteler from Yet Another College of Engineering (YACE).

“I was sick of eating healthy food. Broccoli is no substitute for Maggi…especially with daaru,” he added.

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