Lalu hug made me feel like a Shakti Kapoor victim: Arvind Kejriwal

Days after Arvind Kejriwal was caught red-handed on national media in a “compromising” position with RJD Supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav, Kejriwal has sought to explain his side of the story.

Aap log Bollywood dekhte aaye hain, how can you so easily believe these rumours?” Kejriwal appealed to audience’s lack of logic and sense of forgetfulness. “I was obviously manhandled by Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav on the stage, despite all my inhibitions. Tell me, have you ever been one of Shakti Kapoor’s victims in a 90s film? Well, neither have I, but that’s how I felt; I felt violated. And instead of sympathizing with me, you people are sensationalizing my pain.”

Graphic: Lalu Yadav forcing himself on the helpless Chief Minister of Delhi.

Graphic: Lalu Yadav forcing himself on the helpless Chief Minister of Delhi.

Shakti Kapoor responded to Kejriwal’s comments, saying there was nothing about Kejriwal’s body that attracted him and that Kejriwal would’ve been privileged to have played one of his victims. He also ranted about how molesting has become a dying art, in films and real-life and applauded Lalu Prasad Yadav for bringing it back in fashion with Kejriwal on stage.

Meanwhile, Lalu Prasad Yadav also broke his silence on the matter, going on to compare Kejriwal to one of his cows. “What bullshit is this?” Kejriwal is like my bachda, child of a cow, you know. He needs my care and protection, and one day he can start giving milk like the rest of the cows, but right now, he needs as much fodder as possible.”

Kejriwal was unavailable for comment afterwards, feigning indigestion. Bihar Deputy CM Tejaswi Yadav was also busy eve-teasing women on the streets to offer any meaningful explanations on the matter.

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