Bhasmasur descends from the skies, distances himself from any comparisons with Modi

In a shocking incident, Bhasmasur yesterday descended from the skies to file an FIR against Jairam Ramesh. This comes a week after the said minister accused the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi of being the modern day Bhasmasur who would consume his mentor Mr. L. K. Advani.

“I am deeply hurt by the comparison. I never resorted to communal violence.”

After filing the FIR, Bhasmasur called a press conference to explain this unscheduled visit to the planet. Speaking to the press, Bhasmasur said that he was deeply hurt by the recent remark of the minister, and the way his name was being disgraced. Bhasmasur said that he had never resorted to communal violence, and neither was he involved in any criminal conspiracy against any particular community, and hence stereotyping him was ghastly inappropriate.

Will sit on a fast-unto-death, unless PM responds with a “verbal apology”

narendra_modi_1371210516_540x540When asked about his plan of action to prevent any such incident from happening in the future, Bhasmasur said that he intends to get his name patented so that unauthorized use of his name doesn’t take place. He also made a demand which surprised the entire media fraternity because it was impossible to meet; Bhasmasur demanded a verbal apology from the Prime Minister. He also demanded the PM’s resignation, because apparently, that’s been the trend, for nine years now. Bhasmasur made it clear that he intends to sit on Bhook Hartal if his demands aren’t met within two weeks.

“Bhasmasur an ISI agent to destabilize UPA” 

Reports say that the Prime Minister, in wake of this situation, is undergoing speech therapy to get rid of the vocal constipation and make sure that Bhasmasur is left with no excuse to stay any further. (More on this tomorrow) In response to all the political drama taking place this week, the Government has released a press note accusing Bhasmasur of being an ISI agent with the sole motive of destabilizing the country’s honest and clean government.

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