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Coaching Institutes to launch a joint magazine to help parents decide which institute to choose

With new coaching institutes opening every day, parents of IIT aspirants are facing difficulty in choosing the best institutes for their beloved children. To address this problem, directors of various coaching institutes across the country have decided to launch a magazine highlighting the achievements of their respective institutes. The director of one such popular coaching class explains, “If you look at newspapers everywhere, you’ll find at least one or more advertisement of a coaching centre. Now the problem is that all these ads look the same. Each and every institute puts up pictures of meritorious students captioned with their All India Rank. Every coaching class promises the best faculty, the best scholarships and the best results. Basically, we are all out to prove that we are better than the rest. And unfortunately, parents seem to find it difficult to compare classes.”

“To reduce the pain of the parents, I called the directors of Get-into-IIT and Stairway-to-IIT coaching classes and we all conceded that we needed to offer parents a less cumbersome way to compare between the leading IIT coaching institutions. So we decided to launch ‘The Times of IIT—Coaching’,” he added.

The Times of IIT—Coaching is slated to be a 127 page long weekly magazine that will offer coaching institutions throughout India the opportunity to showcase their achievements. The magazine will also include tips from toppers of previous batches and also detailed plans created by experts to help parents raise an IIT-ian right from kindergarten.

Hardik Jain, the editor of the magazine—an IIT-ian himself—says, “This newspaper is for those parents who go the extra mile for the future of their children. In our first edition we are going to feature exclusive articles on topics like memorizing vast amounts of information, maintaining the positive IIT-ian attitude and focusing on your goal to get into IIT. We also have a special article on how to convince your child that the IIT can change his life and how everything else in his life is basically irrelevant, until he gets into IIT.”

Coaching-ClassesA whopping 50 million have already subscribed to the magazine. Aruna Pathak, a parent who is very concerned about the future of her son approves of this endeavour. “My son got 98.2 percent in his board exams,” she says proudly. “He is being offered scholarships by both Get-into-IIT and Stairway-to-IIT classes. This puts me into a dilemma. Get-into-IIT claims they have produced more than a hundred IITians last year. Stairway-to-IIT on the other hand, has produced only sixty. But they have produced the All India topper. How can I choose between them? I hope this magazine will come to some use.”

Ashwin Devarapalli Ratnam, the topper of last year’s JEE tells NTMN, “I took every possible test series from every possible coaching class. After the announcement of The Times of IIT—Coaching, I got calls from 32 coaching classes asking me to write a personal testimonial for their class.” When asked which coaching class is the best, Ashwin’s face contorted into a frown. “Hmm, I’ve testified for every class and guaranteed the best faculty and the best facilities. But the best? I will compare the statistics and get back to you.” Having said this, Ashwin proceeded to create a mathematical computation of all the statistics of every coaching class in existence. After a gruelling hour, Ashwin returned and said, “Unfortunately this cannot be determined. Although Get-into-IIT Classes has the most number of successful students, they also have a lot more students who have failed. You see, they had six thousand students enrolled last year, but have only managed to produce a hundred IIT-ians.” Ashwin added with a grimace, “Other classes, although smaller, have produced similar results.”

The Times of IIT—Coaching will be out soon and available at a coaching centre near you.

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