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A game known as Democracy

Long, long time ago, there lived a very shrewd man. As the noble king was nearing his death, this man, buoyed by the hunger for the throne, invented a game called “democracy”. A game based on alliances, forged by shaking hands and warm embraces, and broken by the dip of a cold shoulder, by shaking hands with former arch-enemies.

17 years ago, in a kingdom called Bihar, on one full moon night, the existence of the throne itself came under siege at the time of a plague better known as “the emergency”. When all seemed lost, arose two brave heroes to save the kingdom. These heroes were better known to the world as Janta Dal and Bhartiya Janta Party. They joined hands the way democracy had taught them to, and it was strong enough to overcome the plague. The team fought and won many matches since then. Even more recently, the team had become almost invincible, especially in the old kingdom of Bihar.

handsBut, with rise, comes the inevitable fall. After 17 years of marriage, the divorce was imminent. And, the whole fuss was whose grip was firmer! Nobody knew who was going to win, the young prodigy of the smaller team JDU, or the messiah of the now nationalist BJP? The prodigy valued pragmatism, while the messiah favoured faith. Finally, the doomsday arrived. The old guard of Team BJP lent their hands to the messiah, his grip thereby growing several times stronger. The young leader of Team JDU felt his grip crushed underneath the weight of his former allies, who were now quickly turning into cunning foes. And so, with all his might, he pulled out his hand from the alliance. He would not play the part of a powerless house-wife. The messiah merely laughed it off.

There is a rumor in the village that the junior younger player actually knew that he could never be the Alpha Dog in the Team NDA, and neither could he forge handshakes and alliances with other teams, unless he broke off this too long suffering alliance. While the gossipers have declared Team JDU a promiscuous woman moving on in search for greener pastures, some hardliners have applauded it for its resolve and integrity.

One gets the feeling that that it is not yet truly over and that there may be a finale between the now-divorced couple, if only to provide closure. We’ve seen it far too many times in the field of the “Parliament”, where the players start throwing chairs, and tables etc. on former friends without a second thought. We can only hope that there is no such physical exchange of blows now. That would be disrespectful towards the grip that stood firm for seventeen long years.


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