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Dear Ma, With lots of love, Ankit and Anjali

While the country’s mothers get pampered with Mother’s Day gifts and coupons from their beloved sons and daughters, here’s one note of confession that would make any mother proud. Ankit and Anjali wrote this for their beloved mother, promising of things they would  never do again, and left at her bedside table to be opened when she wakes up..

Dear Ma,

A happy Mother’s Day to you. On this special Sunday, we want to share with you our deepest gratitude for being our ever-so-loving awesome mother. We know how you work hard every day to make our lives simpler and less pain-staking. But we realized we haven’t been the best of what you expect from us. We promise you that from today we will do chores to lessen the burden you have always taken for us.

The ugly mess of sheets we leave on our beds is taken off; come to our rooms to see for yourself. Same old dosas for breakfast? We love it and don’t mind having it 3 times a week! Socks thrown on the floor will now be seen in the laundry basket. We will continue to fight over the TV remote though, but no skipping meals by the one who loses their show. It’s hard for you and we know, but teenage isn’t really good on us either. Fights in school shall remain in school and we won’t let that steam of anger on you.

Your choice of clothes may not be in fashion but no more ridiculing you of your old fashioned ways. We won’t ridicule you about your English too. You studied hard on whatever little education you were provided, and we understand why you push us to study hard too. The opportunities you struggle to give us are a privilege many children like us still don’t enjoy. We get that you do whatever you can do so that we can become better than you.

You are just fantastic! Being you is impossible, but skipping on studies will no longer be an excuse. Going out to work is hard; we really01-mother-and-child can’t seem to understand that but we really appreciate the time you take out for us. It is incredible how you spare so much time for us out of your busy schedule. You sit with us while we play, you bring us that coffee for late night studies. How do you do it ma?

That movie you always wanted to watch with us? We will be there. Our friends can wait. Speaking of friends, we shall be more polite when your buddies come over. Except Nisha Aunty, she’s a no-no. We are tired of being compared to their successful children. We aren’t they, and we shall never be—just like you can never be Nisha Aunty.

Oh, and dad is with us too. He promises to spare some time for us from his tours. We also promise to help you with the cooking and cleaning. We will not complain if things aren’t perfect as usual. If there comes a time we slack on our work, you can show us this note to remind us of our promise. We came into this world because of you and we love it even more because you are there. Someday we hope we can try to be a parent like you. If we could be even 1% of what you are, we would be very beautiful, innocent, intelligent, responsible, smart, confident and loving. If you were even 1% of what we are, we would be an utter mess. You are the super mom! And you shall be always.


Ankit & Anjali

NTMN would like to take up this opportunity to wish all the mothers a very happy Mothers’ Day.  

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