Some of the most hilarious recent news from across the world!

It’s that time of the week again! The world is full of so much crazy, it basically hands the content for this column to me on a platter.

A man by the name of Kankar Marar from Madhya Pradesh, was caught having sex with a cow in an inebriated state. He justified his heinous act by saying that his wife left him a year ago and to satisfy his carnal desires, he moved on to cattle. Methinks he took just one word in the phrase “Holy Cow” seriously. If you know what I mean. (Man caught having unnatural sex with cow)

And what’s bestiality without having an American on the list? A man from Texas, USA was jailed for having sex with his horse. His reason? Oh you know, the man was trying to make his horse conceive a Centaur. Yeah those mythical creatures you’ve maybe heard about? I mean seriously. What’s next? Someone trying to conceive a mermaid? (Man caught having sex with horse was ‘trying to make it pregnant’ )

People run out of food. They run out of money. They run out of common sense. They run out of a data pack. What they don’t run out of, is diapers. Or do they? Southern Norway is out of diapers. I repeat, diapers. (Diaper shortage in Norway)

So, what is your worst fear? A ghost? A dog? A spider? Five missed calls from your mom? Keep your fear to yourself, because after reading this, your worst nightmare will be this. Imagine you’re walking on the street, and a woman comes up and give one to you hard on your crotch. Yes, in Florida, a woman recently went on a genital-kicking spree. (Woman accused of kicking people in the genitals on the street)

North Korea, the world’s most mysterious nation, issued a threat to the rest of the world after the UN imposed sanctions on it. Now that’s pretty typical of North Korea, isn’t it? Except that the threat is in the form of a video on Youtube. And the background music is “We Are The World” by Michael Jackson. Watch the video. There is nothing more wicked than watching an American city in flames to the tunes of a piano. (North Korea video shows US city under attack)

Now, here’s a piece of true genius. We all know how serious America is over the drug trafficking that happens through its border with Mexico. The drugs business was hit badly by the security. Until one moment of unquestionable genius gave the dealers a way out. Or a way in as in this case. What’s that? Well, they used a cannon to fire 33 cans of marijuana into US. Check the link out. (Smugglers Are Literally Shooting Drugs Out Cannons Towards the US)

The Chinese people are at the forefront of innovation. “Trust the Chinese to do anything,” quoting from a now-comedy movie, 2012. This piece of news will leave you scratching your head though. A businessman in China is now selling canned air. Yes, fresh breathable air. He intends to make a statement on the pollution around Beijing. Thumbs up to his initiative. Now whether the people and authorities are smart enough to understand the joke, remains to be seen. (China Resorting To Canned Air Because Pollution Is So Bad)

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