“Some men just want to watch the world burn” — Commissioner Gordon.
“Some men just want to make you read about their deeds and think ‘what the….’” — Me.
Here’s the latest DAFUQ! news from around the world:

What is every disgruntled college graduate’s most sadistic fantasy? Isn’t it to make the professors pay for their misdeeds (read, low grades)! Now this person did just that. Literally. A graduate student in Pennsylvania, USA sued her university and professor for the one thing we will never forgive our college profs for. Lower grades. Yes someone finally had the balls to do it. (Grad student sues, says C+ grade cost her $1.3M)

“Be careful of who you add as your friend on Facebook. You never know, they may turn out to be bad people.” The irony of this statement said by my mom is spot-on for this next piece of news. 14 members of a gang in Brooklyn, USA (again) were arrested after some of them added a cop on Facebook. (Gang members arrested after friending cop on Facebook)

I used to listen to Richard Clayderman when I was a kid. I might never now after I read this. Clayderman was hired by a zoo to play his music to set tortoises in a “mood to mate”! (Zoo Hires Famed Pianist to Sexually Arouse Tortoises)

I know I know. Everyone’s concerned about the environment. People are using electric cars, public transport, organic food, blah blah and shit. But this endeavour takes the cake. A French cattle feed company recently unveiled a scheme regarding carbon credits aimed at incentivizing farmers who stop cows from emitting climate-changing farts. (French scheme targets farting cows)

“Who’re you gonna vote for?” “I’m thinking of voting for Hitler. You?” “I’m thinking Frankenstein. Dude look at the size of his head!” This is just a typical conversation in Meghalaya between two people. There are candidates with those names in fray to win the state assembly elections in Meghalaya. (Hitler and Frankenstein contest India vote)

“We won the lottery mate!!” “Cooolll!!” “How do we celebrate?” “I know! Let’s do some meth and then later we’ll blow up the house and spend our winnings on repairing it!” Yep. This just happened. (Lottery Winners Accidentally Blow Up House While Celebrating With Meth and Marijuana)

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