Weekly round-up of the craziest news from around the world

(DISCLAIMER: Everything that is being mentioned here is true—which is why I’ve provided you with the links. These are not figments of my imagination.)

Sanity is overrated. For these people, it definitely is. When normal people in Mumbai buy a car: “We’re gonna go to the temple and get it blessed by that fat pandit.” When Raj Thackeray’s supporters buy a car: “We’re gonna burn it.”
Yes this happened. No, they don’t blame the “Biharis” for it. (Raj Thackeray party activists bought a car just to set it on fire?)

Remember those days at school, when your weird hairstyles used to guarantee a visit to the principal’s office? If you were in North Korea though, you’d probably be shot dead before you say “Kim Jong-Un watches gorilla porn”. North Korea has issued a set of 28 hairstyles which are approved by its capitalist rulers. (28 “state-approved” hairstyles in North Korea)

It’s very difficult to explain to the police that you blew a thousand dollars. More so when you blew them away at a strip club. Wouldn’t it be better for everyone if there weren’t any “thousand bucks” to blow away? Jesus Mata, a 21-year-old from Texas, USA concocted a thrilling tale of how he was robbed at gunpoint by men in two armoured trucks. Unfortunately, the police there weren’t as dumb as ours. (Jesus Mata Fakes Robbery To Avoid Telling Wife He Blew $1K At Strip Club)

It’s not odd when your boss asks you for a favour. But when he asks you and eight other colleagues to do his daughter’s homework…… (Chinese boss outsources daughter’s homework to nine employees)

Stupid Americans around the world, lend me your ears! You now have the right to be… STUPID! (‘In America, You Have a Right to Be Stupid,’ Kerry Says in Defense of Free Speech)

And my column is not complete without at least TWO Americans on the list. A woman from California, USA expecting a baby in September is offering $2000 to people to vote one out of 10 names for her expected baby. *facepalm* (Mom-to-be lets online voters pick baby’s name for $5,000)

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